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PDT Extensions Group / Core Plugin

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The PDT extension group is a collobaration of PDT plugin maintainers to build a central PDT extension platform and codebase.

Currently the core plugin supports following features:

  • PHP Coding Standard Fixer integration
  • Use-Statement validation (injecting of missing use statements through quick-fixes) - PDT since 5.0 have own implementation
  • Class / Interface dialog - PDT since 5.0 have own dialogs
  • Implementation of missing interface/abstract classes methods - PDT since 5.0 have own implementation
  • Assign to local variable quick-fix - Moved to PDT 4.0
  • Import statements outline filters - PDT since 3.5 have same filters
  • Unused / uninitialized variable validator
  • PHP Refactoring support - PDT since 3.4 have own refactoring support

We are in the process of migrating general functionality of our plugins into the core plugin, and add more core features for other PDT extenders.

Join our mailinglist if you are interested in the discussion or want to help improve the PDT ecosystem.