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Blossom is a mobile HTML5 game by Erika, Naomi, Bryce, and Phil Durbin. Erika asked what animal can fly, swim underwater, and be on land. She wasn't satisfied with "duck" as an answer and drew a character she called "Blossom." Blossom's species is unknown and not yet named ("batafish" was rejected).

Blossom sketch

Erika and Naomi have lot of ideas of the direction this game should take, saying,

"In the game, Blossom starts out in the sky. If she hits a cloud, she falls into the ocean. If she hits some seaweed while she’s swimming in the ocean, she gets squirted onto the land. If she hits a rock or a boulder on land, then it’s game over. It’s like Flappy Bird, but you get three chances."

Bryce is creating the artwork for the game and started us off with this image:

Blossom draft

For now, Blossom is only in the sky and you can play the game at which should look something like the screenshot below:

Blossom screenshot

We had planned to use our previous game Pastries as a starting point but this game is different enough that it's based on a tutorial at instead. Phil is honestly not sure how he's going to implement the rest of the game (transitioning from sky to ocean to land) so if you'd like to help, please get in touch!