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Additional coroutine support for Android
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This library works, but it's API is not yet stable. It was developed as proof of concept, the best API (esp names) was not a core consideration.

android-coroutines Download GitHub license

While Android is powerful it's activity model suffers from callback hell. Kotlin coroutines are supposed to fix this, but Android is special. Your code can be kicked out of memory at any moment so serialization interferes with coroutines. Getting events back to the coroutine depends on your activity (actually we can use fragments instead - fragments can be difficult, but great here)

API documentation

Core features

The system supports (using Kryo) serialization of coroutines and other functions. It knows about Kotlin and Android and will handle (accidental or convenience) capture of Context and Kotlin objects. It doesn't yet support all Android state, in particular Fragment and View objects (which would need to be looked up through the context).

Help wanted

This is a side-effect of my main (academic work). Any help people want to provide is more than welcome. In particular, the following help is more than welcome.

  • Documentation
  • Example code
  • More features
  • Feedback on design and API
  • Test feedback
  • Support presence of Fragments and Views in the capture context (referring back to the activity to) resolve them.

Currently supported functionality


In your activity you can use a coroutine to just get the result of invoking another one:

fun onButtonClick(v:View) {
    launch {
       activityResult(Intent( { resultIntent ->
          runOnUiThread { textView.text = newText }

There are some variations of this, and the Maybe implementation used has many options.


In many cases you have a dialog to get some input from the user. From yes-no questions to input of values. SuspendableDialog is a subclass of DialogFragment that provides the building blocks to have a dialog that is used in a coroutine. The actual dialog implementation just has to invoke dispatchResult with the appropriate result value and the dialog is handled. Dismissal or cancellation are handled by default.


Warning - not quite complete

Using the download manager is not quite straightforward even though you get a lot for free. The, Uri) function will download your file and resume your coroutine when complette.


  • Handle download completion when the activity/fragment is not visible (on resume check the status and invoke the continuation as appropriate)


AccountManager is not pretty, but this class makes it a bit prettier. In particular it implements a suspending wrapper around getAuthToken that will even invoke a permission intent if needed (as was possible before Kitkat, but will no longer work).


  • Implement extension functions for all the client-side API of AccountManager.
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