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Adds a Text Call Number option to the Actions Menu in the Ex Libris Primo Catalog Search Interface
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Primo Text a Call Number

Adds a Text Call Number option to the Actions Menu in the Ex Libris Primo Catalog Search Interface

System Components

  • PBO
  • Remote Web Server with PHP

Skillset Requirements

  • PBO (to Update your Primo Theme to add Custom JavaScript)
  • Basic PHP
  • Basic CSS
  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • Intermediate Server Management (if Pear module dependancies are not already available)

Implementation (Recipe) Steps

Step 0) Update Primo Theme to Install Send To Actions Menu Customization (project link coming soon...)

<!-- Add Send To links to the record level -->
<script src="//"></script>

Step 1) Application Installation and Setup

Copy application files to an external web server with PHP installed.

Step 2) # Configure Settings

text_a_call_number.php config setting

// Set to location of files on remote server
// For example: define("SMS_INCLUDE_PATH","//");

Step 3) sms/config.php config settings

// set smtp mail host for sending text message emails

// turn emailing on (can be set to false when debugging)

// set location string prefix - this part of the Primo location string will be removed to shorten the text message
define("LOCATION_STRING_PREFIX","Available at Library");

// set the subject line of the text message
define("SMS_MESSAGE_SUBJECT","University Library");

// set the reply address of the text message

// turn logging on/off (true/false)

// set the name/location of the log file, if logging is on

Note: If the logging setting has been set to true in config.php , set the log file's permissions to be writable by the server.

Step 4) Update Primo Theme to Include JavaScript and CSS Files

<!-- Text Call Number -->
<script src="//"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//">

Step 5) Update Send To Actions Menu Script

To include the links for sending a record via Text to the Send To Actions Menu for each item, the custom script will need to be augmented to include a placeholder for the new option.

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