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An unofficial map for Pedalpalooza 2015

Pedalpalooza is an awesome month's worth of community-organized bike rides put on annually in PDX by Shift 2 Bikes. This year, it starts on June 4th and runs until the 27th.

Unfortunately, the official site does not include a map, and I love maps. So, I made a map, which should be relatively mobile-friendly.

Orange markers mean the ride is still upcoming, green markers means it's TODAY, and grey markers mean it was yesterday or earlier.

The ride data is scraped periodically from the shift2bikes site -- that means it is not automatically updated. You should still check the regular site to make sure the ride hasn't been cancelled or moved before you head out to meet it (and read the detailed instructions for where to meet everyone). I'll try to update the info as often as reasonably possible though.

Let me know about any misplaced/missing rides or suggestions by mentioning me on Twitter or filing an issue on this repo. Hope to see you out there!

❤️ and 🚴, Mele (Twitter @pdxmele)

Data last updated evening of June 1st

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