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#Additional resources

Python + Geo things I didn't have time to talk about:

  • Geocoding, try geopy or pygeocoder
  • Add some geo to your Django projects with GeoDjango
  • geojson package
  • PyShp, read and write shapefiles without GDAL/ogr
  • PySAL, a spatial analysis library that can handle a lot of complex functionality
  • PyGeoIf
  • geopython: modules to serve data and metadata
  • mapnik: "an open source toolkit for developing mapping applications"
  • Rtree and zope.index.rtree in the Toblerity project, where Fiona and Shapely also live
  • GRASS and Python
  • A ton of other things I'm sure I forgot or haven't heard about yet

Online resources:


ArcGIS Python resources:

QGIS Python resources:

Getting started with web mapping (generally == JavaScript):

Other useful stuff:

Other suggestions welcome!