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Subversion puppet module
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Released 20110608 - Craig Dunn - GPLv2
Patched to include --no-auth-cache option 20121109 - Michael Hall

Definition: svn::checkout

Check out a subversion repository to a working directory


$repopath - Path to the repository
$workingdir - Local working directory to checkout to
$ensure (optional) - Set to updated to ensure latest svn update
$host (optional) - Subversion server hostname
$method (optional) - Protocol to use (http,https,svn..etc)
$svnuser (optional) - Username to connect with
$password (optional) - Password to connect with
$revision (optional) - Revision to check out
$trustcert (optional) - Use --trust-server-cert
$noauthcache (optional) - Use --no-auth-cache

Sample usage

subversion::checkout { "application/trunk": 
	repopath	=> "/app/trunk",
	workingdir	=> "/var/src/app",
	host		=> "subversion.local",
	method		=> "http",
	svnuser		=> "application",
	password	=> "kjhsdfkj",
	require		=> File["/var/src/app"],
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