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R User Group / pdxrlang Slides

Portland, OR

This repository is meant to keep track of slides, and related code, data or media, presented at Portland R User Group Meetings.

For meetups prior to 2015



RStudio v0.99: A Glimpse

Kevin Ushey April 15, 2015

The slides are availabe as kevin_ushey_april_2015.html. The source files are available at

Using the best tool for the job

Drew Lanenga May 13, 2015

The slides are availabe at

Talk night: slack and tidy

May 25, 2018

  • Aaron Makubuya: Data Scientist, XPO Logistics - Analytical Reporting with Slackr (presentation) file: SlackrR.html
  • Hoyt Emerson: Senior Data Analyst, Home Depot - Advanced Pipe Programming in the Tidyverse (R script) tibbleColumns package

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