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What is PnP?

Peace and Protection (PnP) is a collection of scripts that enhances mIRC, a popular windows IRC client. PnP allows the user to set options by means of dialog boxes and popups. PnP also comes with various addons and a slew of custom commands. It has everything a beginner, advanced or expert mIRC user needs.

This script is coded by pai. She left the scene many years ago never to return. PnP is part of her legacy.

Installing PnP

Follow these steps.


  • PnP 4.22 is vulnerable to remote code execution. (flash alias) This has been fixed.
  • PnP 4.22 opens custom windows with the -h flag. In newer mIRC versions that translates to using the -w0 flag.
  • Many smaller bugs have been found and fixed.


Pai left instructions how to translate PnP. Have a look at the comments in this file: script\trans\english.ini Please email us your translation file!

Currently PnP has translation support for the following languages:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • Dutch

Further development?

Pai had to change priorities and most likely will not continue working on PnP. Because PnP is Pai's work and something she was very proud of, and the fact that she's probably not coming back to work on it, the script will not evolve beyond what it is.

Mission statement

We will attempt to fix the bugs that come along and try to make it work, but there will be no new features. If we add something or make a new feature it will be released as separate downloadable addons, but it will not be shipped with the main script archive.

More information

Check out the wiki or the themes repository.