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What's New in PnP?
Complete details on everything added here.
As of Sunday October 21 2012, the support channel #peace&protection has moved to EFnet.
*** 4.22.9 changes ***
* BugFix mIRC sets $numeric == 0 for non-numeric raws causing PnP to display no/strange output (for example on raw AWAY:*:{})
* BugFix PnP fails to reload script\addon320.mrc if it's needed but not loaded
*** 4.22.8 changes ***
* BugFix *** Server does not recognize YOU command in favorite.mrc/.ptm
* BugFix Erroneous 'else' in newtheme.mrc/.ptm
* Change values for tab spaces (position) in custom windows
* Restore pai's old code in alias1.mrc/.ptm
* Restore pai's old code in last.mrc/.ptm
* BugFix for RAW 265 and 266 - Filling %::users and %::value for theming purposes in rawdisp.mrc/.ptm
* Remove .PIF files in /addons (leftovers from Windows 9.x days)
*** 4.22.7 changes ***
* BugFix $calc(script(0) - 2) -> $calc($script(0) - 2) in first.mrc/.ptm
* BugFix window -h --> window -w0 in extras.ppa/.ptm and reindex.ini/.ptm
* BugFix $read --> $readini in config.mrc/.ptm
* Typo 'disps' userlist.mrc/.ptm
* BugFix Theme Central - Opening window when already open
* BugFix /addon c|h|u $istok error checking
* BugFix File created: -d pnp.mts 303
* Typo confusing name part of P&P header tag in lastseen.ppa/.ptm
* BugFix Duplicate parameter in .reload command that gets passed to _broadcastp
* Convert all files from ANSI/chcp 1252 --> UTF-8
* BugFix alias1.ptm flash exploit fix
* BugFix Config>Options>Channel options>Remove channel not removing channel
* BugFix Invalid $did identifier in dialog login.ppa/.ptm
*** 4.22.6 changes ***
* Fixed 11 PTM files so that they have the important bugfixes as well. (After translation)
* Reverted change in aliases.mrc to pai's old code. L72,L75,L85 istok/remtok/addtok token 32 back to 44
(Also see script.mrc - L715)
* Fixed XDCC.ptm bug that prevented translation from working properly
* Added Nederlands/Dutch translation file
* Add Unicode support to regular expressions in functions.
* Increment mIRC version requirement from 6.01 to 7.43.
*** 4.22.5 changes ***
* Revert window -H to window -h. Window -h in the old version of mIRC is now -w0 in newer version of mIRC.
Replaced window -h to window -w0 for:
- first.mrc - L152 - Splashscreen now showing
- dofirst.ini - L111 - Progressbars on initial installation
- window.mrc - L280,L314,L394 - @Error and @Quick windows as well as progress bar.
- register.mrc - L367 - @PNP3D
*** 4.22.4 changes ***
* Updated window -h command to window -H command.
(Splash screen, initial start up progress bar and progress bar display issue)
* Alias2.mrc - Error: /unload: no such file (line 289, alias2.mrc)
(Dynamically generated servers.mrc)
* XW.PPA - Error not being able to set access level back to 0 (no access)
* Notify.mrc - Information in /abook -n not stored correctly and notify now uses -n parameter.
* alias _broadcastp missing "p" in line 728 first.mrc
*** 4.22.3 changes ***
* Updated alias1.mrc to allow IPv6 dns lookups. (Thanks SiD)
* Fixed the @Awaylog window bug.
*** 4.22.2 changes ***
With mIRC 6.17 all notices opened a new separate query each time a notice was received
regardless of any settings. This is now fixed.
*** 4.22.1 changes ***
* New version number system. Because 4.22 was the last release by the developer (Pai)
we implementet the Free and open source software version number system to reflect bug fixes.
* A bug in P&P and a fix was brougt to our attention by Paul, an IRC-Operator on Quakenet. (Thank you)
A hole in the file "last.mrc" allows an attacker to remotely execute arbitrarly code,
by sending a private message (msg/query). The fix closes this hole.
* Fixed the problem of the missing popups in the @Clones window.
* Fixed the problem of the missing bantype popups after mIRC 6.01.
* Fixed the problem of writing into the logs directory experienced in mIRC 6.15 and newer.
* Fixed a few ChanServ and NameServ bugs.
*** 4.22 changes ***
add stuff, go to File->New or File->Load to create your own script file.
If you add your own stuff to PnP's files, it can very easily cause problems.
* New Spam Blocker addon for blocking spam, queries, invites, etc. /addon to install.
* First-time configuration wizard added. Use /wizard to run it at any time. (or select
from menu- PnP -> Configure -> Configuration Wizard)
* Added 'Rejoin channel if alone and not opped' option to channel options in /config
* Included some more PnP themes and variations- The 'elite' theme with fixed-width,
aligned nicknames (and two variations) and a variation of the PnP theme that colors
the entire nickname (not just the brackets)
* Added 'show raws to active' option (configuration, under Display -> Other) Note that
this only applies to raws when they don't have an appropriate channel or query to
show in- mostly, failed-to-join-channel and no-such-command.
* The LagBar now attempts to follow you resizing/moving mIRC if it is Docked.
* /fontfix can now be used from the commandline- /fontfix -cqfnopsb size font
* Default theme now shows server a servernotice is from, if different from your own
* PnP won't consider a notify as "address verified" if the address mask is just a
$network or $server mask.
* PnP will always consider a network to be the one you entered in favorites, if a
server match is found.
* PnP won't consider a DCC with a pathname in it (but otherwise valid) as an error.
* PnP can now be downloaded in a 'lite' format that doesn't support translations,
saving a large chunk of filesize.
* NickServ addon detects "This nickname is registered and protected" and auto logins.
* Rearranged some popups a little (just moved items up or down- nothing more)
* Holding Shift+Ctrl down during the signon process (until MOTD is complete)
will now skip joining any favorite channels.
* PnP ignores MAP raws 006 and 015 now, to preserve space formatting
* PnP shows raw 005 "use this server" (austnet) like other raws now
* Added shortcut keys to all dialog controls (not consistent due to
translation support, may have duplicates, but they at least work)
* /who now goes to active if you have whois set to "source window"
* Tabbed listbox windows with Arial font open with different tab widths
* Only reloads timestamp format on startup if it needs to to retain color
settings, so your mirc timestamp settings are less likely to get overridden.
* F4 now cycles between /onotice and /ovnotice.
* Removed control codes from default sound actions
* /whois now recognizes D#chan as a deaf bot, in addition to the normal -#chan.
/whois will also recognize ~^* as special "modes" for formatting.
* Added ^O within some raw/theme displays, so that topics, quit/part msgs,
sound actions, etc. with colors won't disturb remaining text on the line.
* Improved /ports handling on UnrealIRCd servers.
* PnP now hides "error: closing link" when you quit if it's just repeating the
quit message that PnP already displayed.
* PnP will now correctly "fix" an MTS theme that has used <nick> instead of <me> in
it's Query events.
* The command queue used for delaying multiple commands to prevent flooding is
server-specific now.
* Tweaked ban time in /x ban dialog to be wider to fit more characters on some systems.
* 'desktop' and 'font' popups (window menu) appear even if a given window is
empty, now, for custom script windows like @MOTD, @Whois.
* PnP now retains your awaynick if you reconnect to a favorite network/server, and
won't change to an awaynick if you set away when you're already away with an awaynick.
* PnP now logs any line that triggers your highlight settings. (other than nick-based
* Fixed incorrect channel avg ping times in mIRC titlebar.
* Fixed double-clicking on a private action line in awaylog; fixed double-clicking on any
line when your timestamp format had spaces in it.
* Fixed bug when using inline and normal nick completion in same line and inline matched
multiple nicks; fixed nick completion popup being empty sometimes... both mIRC bugs :(
* Fixed notice flood not working, fixed query flood not resetting
* Fixed serverlist popups opening a new server connection when they didn't need to
* Fixed erroneous away messages when using /qa then deselecting 'quiet'
* Fixed not using favorites 'preferred info' if you didn't have any favorite servers listed
or if connecting to 'Random X' servers.
* Fixed setting back on other servers when closing a status window
* Fixed op passwords not showing up in /user for (default) channel
* Fixed box in about dialog under Windows XP
* Fixed inaccurate kick messages in F8 recent-offenders dialog
* Fixed /background error when applying themes with @Ping window open on some OSes.
* Fixed backgrounds not applying to windows in various circumstances.
* Fixed theme delete not always deleting theme images.
* Fixed occasionally having userhost replies start echoing in windows.
* Fixed startup, autoaway, and notify sounds not playing
* Fixed duplicated opnotice/events windows
* Fixed bans/unbans not updating an open @Banlist window
* Fixed xdcc full list popups sending just the short ad.
* Lists duplicated addons in proper areas of /addons dialog now
* Fixed whois no such user not showing in @Whois
* Fixed 'send grab request in private' not working with popups/autograb methods
* Fixed 'send ping silently' option of extras ez-ping not working
* Fixed kickbanning users with IAL off
* Fixed hash errors if you were kicked/parted before nicklist colors were fully updated
* Fixed userhost-based features (notify addr check, user lookup) not working on WebNet
* Fixed MOTD not working properly if @MOTD window was desktopped.
* Fixed not using proper set of commands for P popups on Planetarion
* Fixed /did bug when viewing away options if no awaynick was set
* Fixed /kickstat not reporting kickstats, also allows /kickstat ident@addr now
* Fixed server notice mask raw on UnrealIRCd
* Fixed 'op activity' popup in awaylog opening new window and not saving setting
* Fixed servernotice filter settings not saving from /config all of the time
* Fixed hash errors when using /unban -s (unbanning bans matching a user)
* Fixed /tempban not working
* Fixed selecting a startup profile not closing the previous mIRC
* Fixed lastseen not properly recording userids of 10+ characters
* Fixed /sayseen not looking up a user by userid if "include chan" disabled
* lastseen addon no longer records invalid data if the ial is disabled/not full
* Fixed errors on using X suspend/unsuspend/remuser cmds/popups
* Fixed DCC queue max option not working, and DCC queue freezing up
* Fixed nick not being shown in "please do not deop" msgs.
* Fixed deop-protection deopping user even if the level was not set to revenge
* Fixed /msg =nick (dcc) not showing msg being sent.
* Fixed "/set: line too long" error when whois'ing users on lots of chans
* Fixed "x users x invisible x servers" raw showing wrong on some servers
* Fixed !leech command showing even if leeching was disabled, in some cases
* Fixed 'no such user (/nickserv)' (or /chanserv) under certain configurations
* Fixed not properly recognizing nickserv/chanserv support occasionally
* Fixed a couple spurious "no such table" hash errors.
* Fixed goto error if using warn-via-msg as a second command in protection
* Fixed $:t() appearing (instead of a highlight) in warning-to-self msgs
* Fixed rare problem when trying to ban, etc. nickname of a user you can't see
* Fixed sound addon not handling MP3 CTCPs.
* Fixed F8 kicking clones even when 'kick clones' was unchecked
* Fixed $mid error when using /unhide with hidden script windows.
* Fixed wallops showing nickname twice
(you may need to go into /theme and hit OK to fix this.)
* Fixed drag-drop sending files to dcc chats
* Fixed 'flash on private msg' giving '/if: invalid format' on an action.
* Fixed Clear popup not showing in @windows
* Fixed removing channels with . in them from favorites
* Fixed sounds not playing to active from a @playlist window
* Fixed sounds not playing to a window on another server
* Fixed command-line parameters for /ltopic and /utopic.
* Fixed $replace error from /config dialog, messages section
*** 4.21 changes ***
* Various favorites bugs fixed, including joining only one, lists with
commas, popup bugs, channels with periods adding as servers, and not
being able to delete favorites networks.
* No longer shows [ network ] prefix on 'joining favorites' message.
* PnP will now let you add !chans to favorites even when not connected
to a !chan-supporting server (!chan is recognized in other areas like
this as well)
* Included 'test' theme from 4.06 (I think it's ugly, but some people
seem to want it :)
* Fixed $_stripout error when using /sayseen (lastseen addon)
* Fixed NickServ errors ('no such user IDENTIFY')
* PnP won't try to login to NickServ more than once in a 60-second period
now, so you shouldn't get multiple identifies during connect unless
NickServ is lagged.
* Fixed kickstats showing when set not to show
* Fixed kickstats hash-not-found and loadbuf bugs
* Fixed $cid bug when closing config dialog
* Fixed crash/lockup on install
* Fixed sound schemes not playing
* Fixed DCC PING (and /msg =nick)
* Fixed 'unknown command dispra' on DCC chat flood
* Fixed whois replies not showing in @Whois if on multiple servers
* Fixed crash/lockup when using /fontfix or unhiding all windows
* Fixed colors/etc being reset when restarting PnP; you may need to go
into /theme and correct any settings.
* When applying a theme, you can turn off the font/image missing warnings
* Fixed error when applying a theme with missing fonts with spaces in name
* Fixed <placeholders> showing up sometimes in various cmds and output.
(/scan, /country, /host, etc.)
* Fixed /elseif bug when sound options dialog closes
* Fixed reevaluation bug in flood queue, caused problems such as when you
receive a CTCP from a user with the nickname |.
* Fixed auto-desc for MP3s (from ID3 tags) not working.
* Fixed raw 378 not showing up in a whois reply.
* Fixed /titlebar errors if lagbar is off but lagbar is set to show
active server
* Fixed 'unknown command unste' when banning enforcement runs
* Fixed items in /msgs (esp. autoaway msg) getting corrupted on occasion;
* Fixed some dialog items that weren't fully shown on some systems
* Fixed typo in "Remeber" popup
* Fixed SOUND.PPA/SOUND.PTM being detected as virii by Norton (false alarm)
* Fixed showing sounds you play in parens after the msg. (on your system)
* Fixed playing sounds to active window.
* Fixed 'indexing not enabled' error when first enableing indexing for sounds
* Fixed not remembering key when you type /join #chan key
* Fixed switchbar/toolbar mixup in applying themes
* Fixed not remembering (all other chans) strictmode settings.
* Fixed asking for an email when you use chanserv op/deop cmds
* Added new ChanServ SET cmds to help listed when you do /cs set
* Fixed '/if' error if you ping someone twice before they reply
* Notices displayed to status now highlight the status window button
* Fixed not setting strict modes if you join lots of channels at once
(may have fixed other problems where modes weren't getting set when
multiple channels were involved)
* Fixed "set reroute" dialog giving "not connected" errors
* When you select a network in the sound-target dialog (/starg) now only
windows from that network are shown in the list below.
* Fixed events settings (/route) for "(all other channels)" not working.
* Fixed '/blah: not connected to server' error on disconnect, if you had
any 3.20 addons loaded
* Fixed addons dialog giving 'invalid' error if you had parenthesis in your
directory name.
* PnP properly handles 'r' flag in /who replies on certain networks
(for 'registered')
* Fixed '@Notices /notice ...' appearing in wrong window when receiving
notices into windows on multiple networks.
* @Notices, @Banlist, @Events, and @Ping window now show network name in
* Fixed X MODINFO AUTOMODE popup/cmd on Undernet.
* Fixed nick colors not being applied if your listbox text color was different
from your normal text color.
* Fixed blacklisting a user you can't currently see, was looking up nicknames
like 'not' and 'blacklist'.
* Fixed XDCC enable/disable options in menu being checked wrong
* Changed default XDCC messages to mention "/ctcp yournick".
* Fixed '/titlebar @MOTD' error.
* Modified default theme so you can disable showing your own nickname; you
will have to reload the PnP theme in /theme (you can load just Events) if
you want this feature.
* Fixed $+ $chr(37) showing in caps warning/kick msgs and <$:t$etc in any
protection warning messages (if you upgraded)
* Changed listbox tab widths to be larger under some fonts.
* Fixed /close bug if bug/feedback report failed- was preventing you from
moving on to the 'failed report- enter smtp server' dialog.
* Cleaned up display of server errors.
*** 4.20 changes ***
* PnP is now completely mIRC 6.01 compatible.
* PnP fully supports mIRC's new multi-server features- everything is
completely multi-server aware and compatible. Most options are still
global at this time (very few are network-specific) but this may
change over time.
* PnP now uses hashes to store almost all settings and data, instead
of variables. This results in cleaner code, and in many cases, faster
code. Most data is also connection-specific, allowing for
connection-independent flood tracking, etc.
* If (any) event occurs on a server other than the active connection,
but the event is being shown to the active window, a [ network ]
prefix is shown on the event. If you are connected multiple times to a
network, then [ network : yournick ] is shown.
* Selecting popups in the status window to connect to a new server
will start a new server session if you're already connected and the
network differs from where you're currently connected to.
* Favorites now includes favorite servers as well! You can add servers
to a favorite network, as well as preferred nickname/info. PnP can be
set to connect to one or more favorite networks on startup, or you can
connect to them at anytime using Status popups or /fav c. Favorite
server info (nickname, etc.) is used anytime you try to connect to
that network or server via a PnP feature/popup or the /server command.
See Favorites in configuration for details.
* F11 when not connected now connects to all favorite servers.
* If you are holding ctrl+shift when PnP's startup completes, PnP will
cancel ALL connect-on-startup options.
* Halfop support added in all appropriate areas. (use /hfop or /+h to
halfop users- unfortunately, /hop was already taken as a command.)
"Owner" status is also recognized internally although no
popups/features specifically support it.
* Nicklist colors now support halfops and "blank" colors (blank colors
just fall through to the next possible color- For example, a blank
color for IRCops will then just use whatever other color they would
have if they were not an IRCop)
* PnP has an entirely new theming system! (/theme) Fully
MTS-compliant. (version 1.1) PnP no longer supports old PnP themes or
schemes. (txs/ppt files) Feel free to e-mail me with any especially
nice or unique themes you create, I may include them in future
* Configuration dialog (/config) is entirely revamped and much
cleaner. A lot of smaller configuration dialogs (away, msgs, etc.)
have been integrated into this one.
* Messages configuration improved dramatically- now done via dialog,
includes preview of what your message will look like.
* Added options to not advertise your away message to specific
channels or to channels where you have idled X minutes.
* Added option to respond to a user (when you're away) if they trigger
your highlight settings in a channel.
* Added option to only send away responses (awaywords, etc.) to users
if they are triggered in specific channels.
* A number of previously hidden options are now in the configuration
dialog- hiding the splash screen on startup, checking your op status
before performing commands, and showing shared channels in bold in a
whois reply.
* A number of options can now be set by channel- Tempban type and
mask, whether to show banned users and clones, and whether to check
your op status before performing commands. (See configuration dialog,
under Channel options)
* Added settings to not send script reply to version CTCPs and to not
reply to other CTCPs (mIRC's VERSION reply is always sent)
* PnP now has full translation support. Currently, only English is
included- although you can use the translation options to set all
popups or all text to lowercase. (in configuration) See
Script\Trans\English.ini or contact if you are
interested in translating PnP to another language.
* Sound addon now supports ogg, mwa, and using mp3 with mirc's
built-in player
* Sound addon fkeys improved- CtrlF5 picks a soundtype now. F5 plays
random of the current type, ShiftF5 lets you select a file, and
Shift+Ctrl+F5 lets you search for files.
* Added /mp, /wav, /mid, /ogg, /wma aliases to sound addon- type alone
to select a file, or type it with wildcards or a string to find
matching files.
* Sound addon now supports drag/dropping files to a window to play
* /viewpic command added, to view pictures. Right-click on an open
window for options. /rec will now use /viewpic to open a received
picture file.
* Lagbar now has additional options- 3d bar, light/dark colors, shows
name of network, and can show average, current, or highest lagtime
(right-click on the lagbar to access these options)
* LastSeen now saves data network-specific, and uses hashes for speed.
Your old data will be imported to the -first- network you connect to
after upgrading.
* Addon information is now shown in a nicely formatted dialog.
* If your preferred nickname is taken during signon, PnP will
automatically try to retake it now. (You must still press a key to
retake nicknames any other time.)
* Expanded topic popups in channel- added topic save, restore,
add-to-topic, lock/unlock topic, and refresh. Associated cmds-
/stopic, /otopic, /atopic, /ltopic, /utopic, /rtopic. The topic
separator (for /atopic) defaults to // and can be changed by typing
"/_cfgw topic.sep blah" where blah is the separator. (or blank for
* Can now do /unban with a number or range, to unban any or all of the
last 10 bans (1-10 does all 10, 2 does 2nd most recent, 3-5 does 3rd
thru 5th, etc.) Same goes for /reban and /banlast.
* PnP now supports !chans and other channel prefixes properly.
* Added support for P on planetarion network. (use the X addon)
* Improved error detection/messages during startup sequence
* When PnP deletes files for you or overwrites a file (when you're
prompted) the file goes to the Recycle Bin now
* PnP now handles detecting another script load a lot quicker and
quieter (just displaying a note in status)
* PnP now uses mIRC's logging routines for custom windows; whois
replies are still written to log for @Whois if one is being used
* When services notices appear in @Notices, the reply now uses /msg
blah@blah or /nickserv, etc. format depending on network
* Improved syntax for /nickcol cmd line setting-
/nickcol [-tn] [on|off|edit]
* Improved /rec to list files on any erroneous syntax
* Removed /sle (say last event) and /rle (repeat last event) features
in extras addon
* /whois supports channels returned in @+#format (user having multiple
modes set) found on the occasional server
* /fontfix opens with all boxes checked by default, now
* Nicklist Ban submenu now includes a nickname ban.
* Double-click popup now appears above mouse if it would appear near
the bottom of the screen (to prevent accidental selection of an option
if you triple-click, etc.)
* MOTD isn't shown as 'new' if only a date at the top has changed.
* The dcc ignore-possible-viruses feature only ignores extensions now. It also allows
either extension to be from 2 to 4 characters. (note that this feature
only ignores files with two extensions)
* In pager, now dcc/query/ignore buttons won't close pager if you
cancel the ignore or if you're not on the last page.
* Color icons in dialogs now use actual current rgb colors (not just
default mirc colors)
* If you use &me& in your away nickname, PnP will now truncate your
old nickname to fit everything into the server's nick length, if
* /rn (random nick changes) uses mIRC's temporary nick change feature
(less likely to become your normal nick accidentally)
* /colorwin (extras) shows names of colors in titlebar now
* Attributes mirc has auto-stripped from channel text will now count
towards protections still
* Notify window popups now includes 'query' popup
* Added new toplevel domains to extras /country lookup (info, biz, etc.)
* Better handling for @DALnet IRCcop/staff addresses in a few places
* Added dialog that pops up when you select a double-click default
action, to remind you how to remove it later
* /login window titlebars work properly with multiple @login windows open
* PnP now remembers addon options (nickserv, extras, lastseen,
reroute) when addons are unloaded and reloaded
* Changed white border on items in /_qhelp to one pixel (not two)
* Removed addon codes- not needed
* Removed horizontal line character option- now PnP just underlines
column headers in listbox windows.
* All addons are just a single file now (aside from any data files) -
No extraneous .mrc files
* Removed /portup (no longer needed- mIRC has random port options)
* mIRC's new second editbox feature (Alt+Q) is ignored in all scripts-
you can use this to paste/type text and retain spaces, if you like
* Channel protection dialog- 'Add channel' now lists all chanels open
in a drop down for easy selection
* Newly joined channels are highlighted if minimized
* Removed reply to AWAY CTCP
* Using a custom action as a punishment (channel protection) will now
automatically supply channel/target to the command, if you don't use
&chan& etc. in your command definition.
* Changed message format (/msgs) to use normal $identifiers() instead
of the weird !$ <$ >$ stuff; also cleaned up some other weirdness
regarding &vars& in messages.
* PnP shows all resulting IPs from a /dns, if multiple matches are returned
* Recent servers list (in status) will no longer add duplicates that
only differ by port
* Addons refuse to load (give error) on a non-PnP mIRC or if loaded
using /load instead of /addon.
* Removed CLEAN and UNBAN ALL/ME cmds from ChanServ addon; /cs unban
will ask you for a user to unban now
* Added some new cmds to ChanServ addon- SET VERBOSE / MAILBLOCK /
* F4 is now used to send opnotices.
* Blacklisted users are sorted to the end of the userlist now, so that
other users in the userlist will be considered 'exceptions' to
blacklisted users.
* Notice flood detect now wont't exempt notify users, and will ignore
all sites if multiple users flood you.
* Temporarily-set modes (from protection) will no longer unset already
existing channel modes.
* Added sound addon option to show leech cmds when playing files.
* Added 'Kick Clones' checkbox to F8 punish dialog; F8 is also
mentioned now when clones join
* Added 'clean' to sound queue popups to remove already-played files
* /serverlist and unloading/loading addons now work properly with
"monitor file changes" enabled
* Fixed spaces being removed from passwords in services addons
* Fixed 'line too long' bug when /whois'ing someone
* Fixed away /umode to work differently- only modes that differ
between normal and away are changed (not +o, etc)
* Fixed minor bugs in /scfg dialog
* Fixed notices-to-active setting to work even if the user sending it
isn't in a channel with you
* Fixed so if PnP text display is off, you can type multiple spaces properly.
* Fixed "disable sounds on away" to work properly with sound addon
* Fixed 'i have no access' in chanserv menu being checked under wrong conditions
* Fixed /xw auto login to only login once after X rejoins on a split (Undernet)
* Fixed various mode-related features using keys when 'hide channel
keys' mirc option was on
* Fixed messages to properly read default message if messages are
improperly configured
* Doesn't show 'Attempting to rejoin...' when you kick yourself now.
(since you won't rejoin)
* Fixed nicklist color icon missing from /user dialog
* Fixed your sound playing triggering highlight/etc.
* Fixed pnp changing "nick!" into "nick!"
* Creating a new profile from 'default settings' works properly now
(mirc.ini wasn't being copied)
* Loading addons with multiple mircs open now only loads them in
copies of the same profile
* If you have DDE disabled, /profile won't allow you to open the same
profile twice
* Fixed an error resulting from a drag-drop disappearing before you
could read it
* Fixed 'select...' in /ctcpedit not working if existing reply
contained certain characters
* Fixed nick coloring to work properly when you change nicks
* Fixed many cases where dialogs were not active after you would
select a color, file, another popup dialog, etc.
* Fixed /away +a (not sure if it's actually used anywhere in PnP)
* /black no longer enters a "-" reason if you leave it blank
* Sound routines won't (accidentally) recognize single letter
extensions now
* Fixed some graphical bugs on certain systems
* Fixed bug allowing you to "add" a blank favorites group in /fav
* Lagbar default position is better if you have toolbar off and use
maximized channel/etc windows
* PnP doesn't override /server -sar (this allows /server -sar to work)
* Fixed bug- can show awaylog count in titlebar without showing away reason now
* Sound addon now plays sound CTCPs containing quotes properly
* Fixed 'Addons' menu being hidden if you disable the 'Favorites' menu (menubar popups)
* Fixed some things to properly check case-sensitivity, such as
password verifications and setting nick on /back
* Fixed bug where pnp wouldn't always try and use X or ChanServ to do
cmds like /op if you weren't opped
* Fixed some stored-keys bugs.
* Cleaned up some profiles issues/bugs
*** 4.06 changes ***
. DCCs of 1 gig or more are no longer rejected as "invalid".
. Fixed 'Cancel' not working on a number of nickserv/chanserv/xw popups
. Fixed themes loading fonts improperly
. Fixed /away, /profile, and other areas with errors opening multiple dialogs.
. Fixed menubar popups showing 'Back' checked when you were actually Away.
. Fixed bug with event routing when using a mirc.ini from an older mirc
. Fixed tabs in certain windows showing as box characters in certain circumstances
. Fixed goto bug in protection editor (adding/editing actions)
. Fixed /whois 'shared channels' to work when user is opped/voiced
. Fixed auto-away and away-nick options in /awaycfg
. Fixed nick retake causing userhost errors if you got another nick-in-use error later
. PnP now unloads mirc's aliases.ini; fixes problems with channel ping and opping multiple users
. Updated some raw displays, including fixing odd /map output on some servers
. in /strict, added "use current" buttons to use current modes in a channel as default (good for saving keys)
. made topic in /strict into a drop down containing recently-seen topics (like /etopic)
. /join will now add any known keys to the join request automatically, if you don't specify them yourself.
This means that once you see a key set in a channel, it will always try it the first time. Great for favorites with keys.
. Converted all dialogs to use DBUs. They should look better on systems using different dialog font sizes.
. If notices are set to display "normal" and mirc has notices in active, notices now appear.. in active! :)
. /user, /black, /dcc, /auth, /ign, /dns, and a few other cmds/popups show mroe descriptive errors if not connected
. /hop now works like mIRC's /hop, except it will add the # prefix to a channel name (like /j/join)
. /cycle and /rejoin now use mIRC's /hop, so the window doesn't close
. masking routines should recognize IPv6 addresses now, but I'm not sure where this is used :) (user request)
. changed /sounds configuration command to /soundcfg due to popular request (conflict with another popular script)
. added "wipe list" to nickserv status menu
. nicklist colors now update to reflect changes in notify status when a user changes nickname
. Fixed set-mode-if-alone to work properly on a /hop or /rejoin
. Fixed strictmode to wait for mode reply if you get opped before you know the mode or don't know the key yet
. Fixed -o+o yourself on undernet hiding the next /mode reply
. Added /action as alias for /me
. DCC protection ignores files with two extensions (usually viruses)
. Fixed bug in sound indices causing duplicate files, made sound reindex more robust
. Fixed timer bug when closing /theme window
. mIRC option "reset away on keypress" works now
*** 4.05 changes ***
Please note that many of these bug fixes were related to changes in mIRC, although many were bugs that were simply there
to begin with. Also note that I may have missed a few bugfixes or optimizations of insignificance.
. Added PnP icon to dialogs and windows
. Fixed 'ping' popup in chat windows
. Nickcompleter can now match nicks by ignoring numbers (ie "hi" will match "10hi")
. Fixed NickServ autologin to work on nick change
. Fixed "can't send to channel" not showing
. Fixed not storing key on join sometimes
. Fixed infinite loop with only one stored key
. /notif -r nick(s) removes nicks from notify
. Fixed durations appearing with "0 min" etc.
. /bans can be used to view channel bans (just a synonym for /ban)
. Fixed 'no such user' and 'no such server' not showing up
. Fixed mirc error on trying to open awaylog when it's empty
. Fixed possible bug in ChanServ popups
. Fixed display of invalid DCCs
. Fixed hops column of /scan d (server details window)
. On word kicks, if matched word is longer than 15 chars, it's shortened in any msgs shown
. Fixed bug with f7/f10/etc fkey allocation routines
. Adjusted flood kicks to not trigger if you're self-lagged 10 or more seconds (was 15 before)
. Minor correction to protection channel selection routines
. Modified "show who is banned" so it also shows who is banned even if you're not opped, protection is not on, etc.
. Fixed bug in addon interfaces (was causing /= error on startup)
. Theme text display now uses mirc's options/code to handle stripping, beeps, flashes, highlights, and switchbar highlighting/flashing
. Fixed fonts on startup, progress meter, quick help, errors, color selection boxes, and dbl-click menus
. Fixed slightly tweaked outlines on quick help
. Fixed bugs in color selection boxes
. Fixed many dialogs to not trigger oddly when clicking in blank areas
. In /sounds, selecting/pasting a sound now enables the copy button
. Fixed window tab stops to be proportionate to selected font (this may be a possible mIRC bug, but I've worked around it)
. Fixed sound indices losing files and having duplicate files over time
. If using dedicated query window with themes, pnp honors the iconify window setting now
. Ignore code (including /ign) now supports ignoring DCCs using new /ignore -d switch
. Fixed code to match new [ ] rules
. Used $sdir() and $sfile() to replace old file identifiers
. Fixed code to use new $dde, $readini, and $read formats
. Popups now use standard checkmarks to denote selected items; as a result, removed 'popup mark' option
. Fixed kickstats to handle numeric ips and be more specific with idents
. Support for /dcc send -c added (mirc feature) Also, all sends made via xdcc/sound system/etc are closed automatically
. Better detection of server features (max modes per line, silence, map, etc.)
. /fontfix can now update open dcc chats
. Using mIRC's filename renaming and log filename routines instead of my own now
. /nickcol off now removes current nick colors and uses mirc's nicklist colors only (in address book)
. If you set colors in mirc's nicklist colors, those override any pnp nicklist color settings (use /nickcolor to update after any changes)
. Cleaned up internal command queueing system (no more $read 0.ld errors)
. Using mirc's internal mp3 identifiers; as a result, should detect times/etc of VBR mp3s properly now
. Fixed sound config and a few other dialogs that weren't loading settings properly
. Fixed bug in option disabling in /textopt dialog
. Uses mirc's option for 'show mode prefix' (removed my similar option from /textopt)
. Theming now supports ALL of mirc's event show options- in options/irc and in the 'events' options in channel system menus
. Uses mirc's event show options to determine whether to show quits in status (removed "show quits in status" option from /textopt)
. Uses internal banlist, when full, for quickly displaying banlist (/ban) and unbanning matching bans (/unban -s nick|mask)
. nickserv/chanserv addons message nickserv@services.* and chanserv@services.* on dalnet and newnet now
. fixed emailing to work with outlook express (when you click on an email link in an addon info window, /about, etc.)
. X/W addon- /x works for cmds now (in addition to /xw and /z)
. X/W addon- old command/popup sets still work as normal on (for use with Z) not 100% tested however
. X/W addon- all commands/popups/etc updated to reflect all current undernet X commands (and W has been removed)
. X/W addon- added popup in channel to select what access level you have, to determine which commands to show
. X/W addon- updated webpages in status window popups; added "verify" popup to query window under misc
. Chanserv/Nickserv- fixed bug to allow enabling cs or ns using /msg chanserv/nickserv method
. Recognizes (*.net *.split) as a netsplit quit message (undernet)
. Removed _dynpop* and a few other internal aliases (important for anyone who may have made a 4.00 addon)
. Any scripts that use sockets (/login, etc.) report winsock errors now.
. Recent CTCPs doesn't record SOUND ctcps now
. /sping is disabled on undernet and other servers that mask user's servers (I may find a way to reenable it later)
. /about uses links instead of buttons for email/web
. Can now /login to nicknames, IE /login nick 123
. Can /login using service names instead of ports, IE /login telnet
. Added /service to login addon to lookup port numbers (/service 80 or /service www)
. Standardized display locations somewhat- if you select to show ctcp/dns to status then ONLY the following appears there-
ctcps and replies to you only, /dns, /host, selfping, /auth expirations, and away/back status
. nickserv addon auto-idents if chanserv joins, because it likely means services split
. removed option in nickserv addon for auto-login- now you always auto-login if possible.
. fixed bug in nickserv (mirc error) when trying to login on networks with no logins defined.
. shared channels in /whois replies shown in bold (type "/`set whois.shared 0" to disable this)
. you can now permanently log awaylog to logs/@awaylog.log, see /awaycfg for option
. @whois and other logfiles now include the date if you've setup mirc logfiles to do so
. "grab focus" option on sound playing should work a little cleaner now
. more "efficient" code relating to automatic cleanup when closing error/quickhelp/progress windows
. lagbar hides/shows itself quicker when switching to and from mirc now
. nickserv release, register, and set password/passwd now hide passwords in display properly under more circumstances
. nickserv access add/del only provides the portion of the mask after ! now (as required by dalnet)
. nickserv register now asks for email address
. nickserv set passwd now sends the old password with the new (on dalnet only)
. nickserv drop now works on newnet (special for newnet only)
. most dalnet and newnet nickserv features supported
. various nickserv settings features show, hide, or work differently on different nets
. I've re-enabled bug reporting and feedback (/bug) please don't abuse this. You may need to enter your mailserver when using this.
. startup script now checks popup files and reloads as needed
. added some internal drag/drop support (not used yet but will be in the future)
. first-time startup enables certain mirc features (dcc speedups, dccserver, default user level, remotes)
. /load'ing first.mrc should properly install ALL of pnp now
*** Final Beta ***
. fixed most bugs in file leeching and dcc queueing (i hope)
. sound commands (leech, stats, etc.) mention other helpful commands in the replies
. fixed (unlikely) bug in /rrset or /rr -a if specified a dde on the cmd line
. if you go to select a file in /ctcpedit dialog and hit Cancel, dialog becomes active again
. altered startup progress meter color
. corrected a few typos
. slight improvement to internal log filename function
5.61 corrections-
. $$0 to $$$ (#81)
. changed use of $highlight (#28)
. fixed banlist update code to not search for control codes (#43)
5.7 corrections-
. [ unset ] to unset [ ] (#84)
. drawrect corrections (#102)
. {} -> { } (unspecified)
. -u vars being unset before a $dialog (unspecified)
. progress meter and other windows not popping up (#82)
. $null checked separately from 0 when needed (#57)
. corrected a few now-obsolete uses of ] ] ] (unspecified)
. fixed using $chan. $nick. etc shortcuts (#100)
. fixed event routing, includes checks for new mirc event routing settings
*** All changes before this version removed from WHATSNEW.TXT ***