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Add all public exposed functions to the queue and merge the list if debug info is available, like we do for SourcePawn files.

This allows very basic decompilation starting at the public entry points of the plugin.

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Lysis - SourceMod .smx decompiler

This is an improved Java port of BAILOPAN's sourcepawn decompiler Lysis. Originally written C#.

Original repository


This project uses Gradle to build. Run gradlew jar to download all dependencies and build a runnable jar which will be located in build/libs. Run gradlew eclipse to generate an eclipse project for editing.

Changes in this fork

  • Support for new opcodes
    • genarray / genarray_z (dynamic arrays)
      • tracker_pop_setheap
      • tracker_push_c
      • stradjust_pri
    • sysreq_c (operations on 2 float constants)
    • dec (decrement global variables)
    • neg (negating variables)
  • Fix load_both opcode
  • Support conditional returns (|return cond1 && cond2;|)
  • Support storing conditions in a variable (|new var = cond1 || cond2;|)
  • Printing of Extension: and SharedPlugin: plugin dependency structs
  • Correctly show |new| or |decl| when declaring local variables
  • Support plugins compiled with old sourcemod 1.0 compiler (codeversion 0x0101)
  • Work around malicious alteration of section names table to still load tampered binaries
  • Better handling of multidimensional arrays
  • Displaying of float constants as floats in lots of cases
  • Support switch-cases with multiple values |case 1, 2, 3:|
  • Fix not displaying complex logic chains after calculating them (|if(cond1 && !cond2 || cond3)|)
  • Support non public functions to return strings
  • Handle global variables in call-by-reference parameters and variadic argument lists
  • Replace all float operators with inline syntax
  • Fix displaying of string arrays
  • Replace \x03 etc. chat color codes with readable string in strings
  • Fix displaying global string's size in cells instead of bytes
  • Try to fetch some type info out of format specifier strings in methods with variadic arguments
  • Fix displaying constant array indices as bytes instead of cells
  • Fix bad coalescing of stores with an operation
  • Fix error with switches without a default case
  • Display variables correctly which are only used once

And probably more..

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Lysis - SourceMod .smx and AMXModX .amxx decompiler



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