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PeachCloud 🍑 ☁️

Better Scuttlebutt cloud infrastructure as a hardware product.

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Active Repositories


  • peach-devdocs - Developer documentation for PeachCloud in the form of a Markdown book


  • peach-vps - Setup scripts and configuration files for deploying a PeachCloud development server

Image building & device configuration

  • peach-config - Configuration instructions, files and scripts
  • peach-img-builder - Vmdb2 script for building a Debian disc image for Raspberry Pi with PeachCloud pre-installed


  • peach-buttons - Emit GPIO events using JSON-RPC pubsub over WS
  • peach-oled - Write and draw to OLED display using JSON-RPC over HTTP
  • peach-menu - A menu for monitoring and interacting with the PeachCloud device
  • peach-network - Query and configure network interfaces using JSON-RPC over HTTP
  • peach-stats - Query system statistics using JSON-RPC over HTTP
  • peach-lib - JSON-RPC client library for the PeachCloud ecosystem
  • peach-monitor - Monitor network data usage and set alert flags based on user-defined thresholds


  • peach-probe - Probe PeachCloud microservices to evaluate their state and ensure correct API responses

Web interface

  • peach-patterns - Pattern library for the PeachCloud UI design system
  • peach-web - A web interface for monitoring and interacting with the PeachCloud device

Developer Diaries