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@@ -109,3 +109,33 @@ next i added a [custom plugin to `butt-peer-server`](
then, on a whim from @mischa, i went [back to `buttcloud-provider` to swap `redux-form` for `final-form`](, easy as.

made up some issues, want to step back to think about the next steps from here.

also made the ButtCloud logo!

![ButtCloud logo](./images/logo.png)

## 2018-04-19


- setup contributor license agreement:
- setup kanbans
- [dev](
- [ops](
- [biz](

## 2018-04-26


- start to separate pub and hub stacks in swarm setup:
- worked on deploy for web app demo:
- browser code is up at: <> (using netlify for free)
- api server is up at <> (using heroku for free)

## 2018-04-27


- discovered and documented bug with `tinyify`:
- add standard style setup to web app:
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