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Monitor network data usage and set alert flags based on user-defined thresholds.

peach-monitor is a CLI tool capable of running as a one-shot data store updater or as a daemon for continually updating data usage alert flags.

The utility is intended to be run with the --save flag prior to each system reboot or shutdown. This allows network transmission totals (upload and download) to be persisted to the filesystem in the form of a JSON data store.

When the --update flag is set, peach-monitor retrieves user-defined alert thresholds from the data store, calculates the latest data usage statistics and sets alert flags accordingly. These flag values can be accessed from other parts of the PeachCloud system to alert the user (for example, by peach-web for web application display).

The --daemon flag executes the --update functionality in a loop and is intended to be run as a background process for convenient alert flag updates. The optional --interval argument defines the frequency with which the alert flags are updated. The default update frequency is once every 60 seconds.

The --iface argument is used to define the network interface from which to retrieve network traffic data statistics. This defaults to wlan0 if not defined.


peach-monitor [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -d, --daemon     Run daemon
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -s, --save       Save latest usage totals to file
    -u, --update     Update alert flags
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -i, --iface <iface>    Define network interface [default: wlan0]
    -t, --interval <interval>    Define time interval for updating alert flags (seconds) [default: 60]

Data Store


└── net
    ├── alert.json          // programatically-defined alert flags
    ├── notify.json         // user-defined alert thresholds
    └── traffic.json        // network transmission totals

Alert Types

peach-monitor defines warning and critical thresholds and corresponding alert flags for total network data traffic. The critical threshold may allow a disable-network feature in future implementations of peach-monitor.

Debian Packaging

A systemd service file and Debian maintainer scripts are included in the debian directory, allowing peach-monitor to be easily bundled as a Debian package (.deb). The cargo-deb crate can be used to achieve this.

Install cargo-deb:

cargo install cargo-deb

Move into the repo:

cd peach-monitor

Build the package:

cargo deb

The output will be written to target/debian/peach-monitor_0.1.0_arm64.deb (or similar).

Build the package (aarch64):

cargo deb --target aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu

Install the package as follows:

sudo dpkg -i target/debian/peach-monitor_0.1.0_arm64.deb

The service will be automatically enabled and started.

Uninstall the service:

sudo apt-get remove peach-monitor

Remove configuration files (not removed with apt-get remove):

sudo apt-get purge peach-monitor


  • Add disk-usage tracking and alerts




Monitor network data usage and set alert flags based on user-defined thresholds.







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