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Web Interface for PeachCloud

peach-web provides a web interface for the PeachCloud device. It serves static assets and exposes a JSON API for programmatic interactions.

Initial development is focused on administration of the device itself, beginning with networking functionality, with SSB-related administration to be integrated at a later stage.

The peach-web stack currently consists of Rocket (Rust web framework), Tera (Rust template engine), HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Note: This is a work-in-progress.


Endpoint Method Parameters Description
/ GET Home
/device GET Device status overview
/device/reboot GET Reboot device
/device/shutdown GET Shutdown device
/login GET Login form
/network GET Network status overview
/network/ap/activate GET Activate WiFi access point mode
/network/wifi GET List of networks
/network/wifi?<ssid> GET ssid Details of a single network
/network/wifi/activate GET Activate WiFi client mode
/network/wifi/add GET ssid (optional - prepopulation value of SSID in form) Add a WiFi network
/network/wifi/add POST ssid & pass Submit form to add a WiFi network
/network/wifi/connect POST ssid Connect to the given WiFi network
/network/wifi/disconnect POST ssid Disconnect from currently associated WiFi network
/network/wifi/forget POST ssid Submit form to forget a saved WiFi network
/network/wifi/modify?<ssid> GET ssid Form for updating a WiFi network password
/network/wifi/modify POST ssid & pass Submit form to update a WiFi network password
/network/wifi/usage GET Network data usage values and a form to update alert thresholds
/network/wifi/usage POST rx_warn, rx_cut, tx_warn, tx_cut, rx_warn_flag, rx_cut_flag, tx_warn_flag, tx_cut_flag Submit form to update alert thresholds & set flags
/network/wifi/usage/reset GET Reset the stored network data usage total to zero
/network/dns GET View current DNS configurations
/network/dns POST Modify DNS configurations
/shutdown GET Shutdown menu

JSON API (src/

All JSON API calls are prefixed by /api/v1/. This has been excluded from the table below to keep the table compact.

Endpoint Method Parameters Description
device/reboot POST Reboot device
device/shutdown POST Shutdown device
network/activate_ap POST Activate WiFi access point mode
network/activate_client POST Activate WiFi client mode
network/ip GET Returns IP address values for wlan0 & ap0 interfaces
network/rssi GET Returns RSSI for connected WiFi network
network/ssid GET Returns SSID for connected WiFi network
network/state GET Returns state of wlan0 & ap0 interfaces
network/status GET Returns status object for connected WiFi network
network/wifi GET Returns scan results for in-range access-points
network/wifi POST ssid & pass Submit SSID & password to create new WiFi connection
network/wifi/connect POST ssid Submit SSID to connect to a given WiFi network
network/wifi/disconnect POST ssid Disconnect from the currently associated WiFi network
network/wifi/forget POST ssid Submit SSID to delete credentials for given WiFi network
network/wifi/modify POST ssid & pass Submit SSID & password to update the credentials for given WiFi network
/network/wifi/usage POST rx_warn, rx_cut, tx_warn, tx_cut, rx_warn_flag, rx_cut_flag, tx_warn_flag, tx_cut_flag Submit form to update alert thresholds & set flags
/network/wifi/usage/reset POST Reset network data usage total
ping GET Returns pong! if peach-web is running
ping/network GET Returns pong! if peach-network microservice is running
ping/oled GET Returns pong! if peach-oled microservice is running
ping/stats GET Returns pong! if peach-stats microservice is running
dns/configure POST Modify dns configurations


The web application deployment mode is configured with the ROCKET_ENV environment variable:

export ROCKET_ENV=stage

Other deployment modes are dev and prod. Read the Rocket Environment Configurations docs for further information.

The WebSocket server port can be configured with PEACH_WEB_WS environment variable:

export PEACH_WEB_WS=2333

When not set, the value defaults to 5115.

Logging is made available with env_logger:

export RUST_LOG=info

Other logging levels include debug, warn and error.


Clone this repo:

git clone

Move into the repo and compile:

cd peach-web
cargo build --release

Run the tests:

cargo test

Run the binary:


Note: Networking functionality requires peach-network microservice to be running.

Debian Packaging

A systemd service file and Debian maintainer scripts are included in the debian directory, allowing peach-web to be easily bundled as a Debian package (.deb). The cargo-deb crate can be used to achieve this.

Install cargo-deb:

cargo install cargo-deb

Move into the repo:

cd peach-web

Build the package:

cargo deb

The output will be written to target/debian/peach-web_0.3.0_arm64.deb (or similar).

Install the package as follows:

sudo dpkg -i target/debian/peach-web_0.3.0_arm64.deb

The service will be automatically enabled and started.

Uninstall the service:

sudo apt-get remove peach-web

Remove configuration files (not removed with apt-get remove):

sudo apt-get purge peach-web


peach-web is built on the Rocket webserver and Tera templating engine. It presents a web interface for interacting with the device. HTML is rendered server-side. Request handlers call JSON-RPC microservices and serve HTML and assets. A JSON API is exposed for remote calls and dynamic client-side content updates (via vanilla JavaScript following unobstructive design principles). Each Tera template is passed a context object. In the case of Rust, this object is a struct and must implement Serialize. The fields of the context object are available in the context of the template to be rendered.




A web interface for monitoring and interacting with the PeachCloud device.






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