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Peach is a web server for multi-language, real-time synchronization and searchable documentation.


There are some awesome web documentation tools, but for a long time, none of them satisfied my need to post multi-project documentation on the web, so I have been searching for a common and customizable solution. This is initally why Peach was created.

The following table illustrates the main feature differences between Peach and other existing tools (concepts may be different from what I understand):

Name Self-hosted Multi-language Real-time Sync Static HTML Versionable
Peach (cachable) Roadmap
Read The Docs

Other than those, Peach also supports following features:

  • Real-time sync from any Git hosting sources.
  • Full-text search based on preferred language.
  • Use Markdown to write like a writer.
  • Highly configurable without touching a single bit of Git history.
  • Built-in Disqus integration support.

Development Status

Peach is currently still in development, but can be used in production with some notes:

  • Things are subject to change,
  • ... but if you don't upgrade, it will keep working until the end of the world. 💯
  • If you do want to upgrade, just read the documentation. 😂

Case Studies

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