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Slack client library written in C# (will also work as a library for use in,
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#Slack Client Library C# (.net) This repo contains the slack client library "slack" and a "test" project that demonstrates usage of the slack client library. The library supports many of the slack events and has defined most slack exceptions.

The test project is a console app that requires a single startup parameter which is your slack API / token. You will need to obtain this token via slack's website here

###To create a new slack client

client = new Slack.Client("YOUR SLACK API KEY HERE");

###Examples of subscribing to slack the events that may interest you ###More information and examples are available in the test app

client.Hello += new Slack.Client.HelloEventHandler(client_Hello);

client.DataReceived += new Slack.Client.DataReceivedEventHandler(client_DataReceived);

client.PresenceChanged += new Slack.Client.PresenceChangedEventHandler(client_PresenceChanged);

client.UserTyping += new Slack.Client.UserTypingEventHandler(client_UserTyping);

client.Message += new Slack.Client.MessageEventHandler(client_Message);

client.MesssageEdit += new Slack.Client.MessageEditEventHandler(client_MessageEdit);

client.DoNotDisturbUpdatedUser += new Slack.Client.DoNotDistrubUpdatedUserEventHandler(client_DoNotDisturbUpdatedUser);

###connect to the slack service


###disconnect from slack service


###**Important Note** This library utilizes System.Net.WebSockets and as per Microsoft documentation found here, requires at least Windows 8.

If you require a version of Windows prior to 8, System.Net.WebSockets could be replaced with an alternative library.

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