Python bindings for RAGE4 DNS API
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Python bindings for RAGE4 DNS API

How to Use

First, set your account email and API key as follows:

>>> import rage4
>>> rage4.USERNAME = ""
>>> rage4.ACCT_KEY = "theAPIstringwouldgohere"

Get domain(s)

  • Get all domains: rage4.get_domains()
  • Get domain by ID (ex. ID 1): rage4.get_domain(1)
  • Get domain by name: rage4.get_domain(name="")

Add domain

Optional params for add() are NS1 and NS2. If not specified then the RAGE4 names will be used.

>>> domain = rage4.Domain("", "")
>>> domain.add()

Delete domain

>>> domain = rage4.get_domain(name="")
>>> domain.delete()

Get DNS records for a domain

>>> domain = rage4.get_domain(name="")
>>> records = domain.get_records()

Add a DNS record to a domain

Params for the object: Name, content, record type, TTL and priority. Optional params: failover_enabled and failover_content Optional params for add(): geo and active. geo can either be a geocode (obtained from rage4.get_geo_regions()) or a tuple of latitude and longitude. Active defaults to True.

>>> domain = rage4.get_domain(name="")
>>> record = rage4.Record("", "", rage4.RECORD_TYPES["A"],
...     3600, 1)
>>> domain.add_record(record)