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milestone 1.1
- fix OS deps entries in package.xml (done)
- add support for pear channels (done)
- implement pass-by-reference for array and mixed parameters (almost done)
- allow addition of files to directories (eg. test) (done)
- static methods (done)
- conditional compilation control (done)
- PHP version check in config.m4 (done)
- pkg-config support (almost done)
- have functions using a conditional element in their proto
modify their ifCondition automaticly (done)
- dto. for tests
- return by reference for 5.1 and above
- finish config.w32 generation (almost done, need someone
with windows build experience to finish and test this)
- re2c and lemon support in config.m4 / Makefile.frag generation?
- headers and libs within <with> are not taken into account in the
- make standalone docs Makefile more clever
- check #line numbers in generated source with libxml
-> error messages with meaningfull line numbers need this
(pretty ok by now but not perfect)
not necessarily 1.1
- find a better/portable way to do type checks for resources
- implement pass-by-reference for all parameter types
- setter/getter code for properties
- package2.xml <installdeps> (?)
- add more tests
- allow "src='path/to/file'" in more cases
make sure it generates #line, too
- add configure test code within DATA section of <lib> and <header> tags?
e.g. for version checking?
=> wouldn't work this way due to config.m4/.w32 differences
define attributes that call a single m4/w32 function instead
which needs to be defined in seperate config snippets?
- full support for stream wrappers and filters -> started
- full support for session handler API -> started
- full support for SAPI
- have different levels of comment (and code?) generation
similar to --no-help in ext_skel
- create seperate target dir for copied spec files
- extended Makefile rules to regenerate stuff from embedded XML specs
- allow specification of file role instead of guessing by extension?
- support compiler/linker flags setting using config programs
similar to pkg-config: mysql_config, apxs etc.
- <lib> shared=no
=> requires further research, doesn't work this way
==> how to add *static* libraries?
- improve $dirpath handling (?)
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