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Hartmut Holzgraefe
Hartmut Holzgraefe committed Apr 2, 2007
1 parent 9c29b08 commit 40e0bb8309351e9a1380a05560c99c05c22fec64
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@@ -732,6 +732,10 @@ function generateDocumentation($docdir)
\trm -rf html; mkdir html
\tSP_ENCODING=XML SP_CHARSET_FIXED=YES openjade -D $(PHPDOC) -wno-idref -c $(PHPDOC)/docbook/docbook-dsssl/catalog -c $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-dsssl/defaults/catalog -d $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-dsssl/html.dsl -V use-output-dir -t sgml $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-xml/phpdocxml.dcl manual.xml
+bightml: confcheck manual.xml
+\trm -rf html; mkdir html
+\tSP_ENCODING=XML SP_CHARSET_FIXED=YES openjade -D $(PHPDOC) -wno-idref -c $(PHPDOC)/docbook/docbook-dsssl/catalog -c $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-dsssl/defaults/catalog -d $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-dsssl/html.dsl -V nochunks -t sgml $(PHPDOC)/phpbook/phpbook-xml/phpdocxml.dcl manual.xml > manual.html
tex: manual.tex
manual.tex: confcheck manual.xml

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