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@@ -152,22 +152,22 @@ foreach ($config as $section => $name) {
=== Options
-== setProcessSections(bool)
+==== setProcessSections(bool)
Sets whether or not sections should be processed
If true, values for each section will be placed into
a sub-array for the section. If false, all values will
be placed in the global scope.
-== setQuoteStrings(bool)
+==== setQuoteStrings(bool)
Sets whether or not to doubleQuote
If true, everything but bool and numeric
values get doublequoted.
-=== Notes & Limitations
+== Notes & Limitations
* Config_Lite is an OO frontend to `parse_ini_file' and writing ini files,
but you can also use the public method `write' if you only want to write an array as ini file

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