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// report all errors
// include the class file
require_once 'Contact/Vcard/Build.php';
// instantiate a builder object
// (defaults to version 3.0)
$vcard = new Contact_Vcard_Build();
// set a formatted name
$vcard->setFormattedName('Bolivar Shagnasty');
// set the structured name parts
$vcard->setName('Shagnasty', 'Bolivar', 'Odysseus',
'Mr.', 'III');
// add a work email. note that we add the value
// first and the param after -- Contact_Vcard_Build
// is smart enough to add the param in the correct
// place.
$vcard->addParam('TYPE', 'WORK');
// add a home/preferred email
$vcard->addParam('TYPE', 'HOME');
$vcard->addParam('TYPE', 'PREF');
// add a work address
$vcard->addAddress('POB 101', 'Suite 202', '123 Main',
'Beverly Hills', 'CA', '90210', 'US');
$vcard->addParam('TYPE', 'WORK');
// set the title (checks for colon-escaping)
$vcard->setTitle('The Title: The Subtitle');
// send the vcard
header('Content-Type: text/plain');
echo $vcard->fetch();
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