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+FN:John Doe Inc.;
+TITLE:Imaginary test person
+TEL;type=WORK;type=pref:+1 617 555 1212
+TEL;type=WORK:+1 (617) 555-1234
+TEL;type=CELL:+1 781 555 1212
+TEL;type=HOME:+1 202 555 1212
+item1.ADR;type=WORK:;;2 Enterprise Avenue;Worktown;NY;01111;USA
+item2.ADR;type=HOME;type=pref:;;3 Acacia Avenue;Hoemtown;MA;02222;USA
+NOTE:John Doe has a long and varied history\, being documented on more police files that anyone else. Reports of his death are alas numerous.
+item5.X-ABRELATEDNAMES;type=pref:Jane Doe
+CATEGORIES:Work,Test group

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