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Updated/New Composer support for Crypt_GPG
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Crypt_GPG is a PHP package to interact with the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). GnuPG is a free and open-source implementation of the OpenPGP protocol, providing key management, data encryption and data signing. Crypt_GPG provides an object-oriented API for performing OpenPGP actions using GnuPG.

Crypt_GPG has been migrated from PEAR SVN.


Quick Example


require_once 'Crypt/GPG.php';

$gpg = new Crypt_GPG();
$data = $gpg->encrypt('my secret data');


Further Documentation

Bugs and Issues

Please report all new issues via the PEAR bug tracker.

Please submit pull requests for your bug reports!


To test, run either $ phpunit tests/ or $ pear run-tests -r


To build, simply $ pear package


To install from scratch $ pear install package.xml

To upgrade $ pear upgrade -f package.xml

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