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SCRIPTS=tester.php XteaTest.php
MSG=This is a test to test Xtea class
REMOTES=gw:1 indy:1
@echo No default target...
test: test.dummy
test.dummy: $(SCRIPTS)
nice -20 $(PHP_CMD) tester.php > test.out
profile: profiled.dummy
profiled.dummy: $(SCRIPTS)
nice -20 $(PHP_CMD) tester.php 1 > profiled.out
encrypt: xteacmd.php
@echo -n "Give text to encrypt: "; read line; $(PHP_CMD) xteacmd.php -e $(KEY) "$$line"; echo
decrypt: xteacmd.php
@echo -n "Give text to decrypt: "; read line; $(PHP_CMD) xteacmd.php -d $(KEY) "$$line"; echo
simple: xteacmd.php
enc=`$(PHP_CMD) xteacmd.php -e $(KEY) "$(MSG)"`; echo encrypted="$$enc"; \
dec=`$(PHP_CMD) xteacmd.php -d $(KEY) "$$enc"`; echo "decrypted=$$dec"
$(PHP_CMD) full.php > x
for i in $(REMOTES); do \
echo "doing '$$i' ... "; \
scp full.php $$i && \
export host=`echo $$i | cut -d: -f 1` && \
export path=`echo $$i | cut -d: -f 2-` && \
echo "ssh $$host \"cd $$path && $(PHP_CMD) full.php > x\"" && \
ssh $$host "cd $$path && $(PHP_CMD) full.php > x" && \
echo scp $$i/x x.$$host && \
scp $$i/x x.$$host && \
if diff x x.$$host > /dev/null; then echo $$host ok; else echo different output from $$host; fi; \
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