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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE package SYSTEM "">
<!-- do not use the "Type" attribute here, that one is only for
generated package.xml files -->
<summary>Berkely-style database abstraction class</summary>
DBA is a wrapper for the php DBA functions. It includes a file-based emulator and provides a uniform, object-based interface for the Berkeley-style database systems.
<name>Brent Cook</name>
* Added static DBA:drop()
* Fixed error handling to work with PHP 5's change in get_class()
<dir name="/" baseinstalldir="/">
<file role="php">DBA.php</file>
<dir name="DBA">
<file role="php">Compatibility.php</file>
<dir name="Driver">
<file role="php">File.php</file>
<file role="php">Builtin.php</file>
<dir name="tests" role="test">
<file role="test">benchmark_drivers.php</file>
<file role="test">test_drivers.php</file>
<file role="test">test_compatibility.php</file>
<dir name="docs" role="doc">
<file role="doc">README.txt</file>
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