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marc_xml_009: convert a MARCXML record with an overly long leader to MARC
<?php include(''); ?>
$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
require 'File/MARCXML.php';
$marc_file = new File_MARCXML($dir . '/' . 'bad_leader.xml');
while ($marc_record = $marc_file->next()) {
print $marc_record->toRaw();
00749cam a2200241 454500001001400000003000600014005001700020008004100037020001800078020001500096035002100111040003600132050002400168100002500192245007800217260003700295300002100332504004100353650001700394650002200411852004800433901002600481LIBN539044247OCoLC20081030150430.0070630||||| ||| 000 0 eng d a9781856075442 a1856075443 a(OCoLC)156822300 aBTCTAcBTCTAdYDXCPdBAKERdEMT 4aBL2747.2b.W45 20061 aWhite, Stephen Ross.10aSpace for unknowing :bthe place of agnosis in faith /cStephen R. White. aDublin :bColumba Press,cc2006. a160 p. ;c22 cm. aIncludes bibliographical references. 0aAgnosticism. 0aBelief and doubt. a1h230 WHIp11111027105040t65112549p26.95 aLIBN539044247bSystem