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Commit 0.1.0 alpha release

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1 parent 18897ce commit 42d0c5710f2b681ab440cd436ff5bfa03e8d0300 Dan Scott committed Nov 14, 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
+* Separate getFields() from getField(), getSubfields() from getSubfield()
+ to avoid forcing users to test is_array() after every call
+* Add addWarnings() / getWarnings() for records to avoid throwing an
+ exception for a non-fatal error
+* Fix examples, touch up phpdoc in preparation for call for votes
+* Switch to PEAR_Exception for error handling
+* Implement useful key() overrides for key=>value iteration through
+ fields and subfields
+* Adjust to new Structures_LinkedList_Double names
+* Remove package globals, define class constants & static vars instead
+* Change addField/Subfield() to append..(), prepend...(), and insert...()
+* Work towards a more consistent API (delete getAllSubfields)
+* Make PCRE expressions in getFields() and deleteFields() optional.
+* Make duplicate() actually return a deep copy of a record.
+* Stronger, better, faster (now with typehints)
+* Iterate with foreach() everywhere now
+* Adjust to Structures_Linked_List package name change and minor API changes
+* Adhere to PEAR CS (thanks PHP_CodeSniffer!)
+* Correct sloppy use of references (thanks E_STRICT!)
+* Okay, this time real error handling using PEAR_ErrorStack
+* Prepare first package for PEPR
+* Split MARC into separate File_MARC and Structure_Linked_List packages (with corresponding renaming of classes and constants)
+* Adopt PEAR naming conventions (s/MARC/File_MARC/)
+* Initial stab at PEAR_ErrorStack error handling
+* Fix marc_004.phpt: explicitly compare object references with === operator
+* Document all constants.
+* Fix MARC_Field::deleteSubfield() function
+* Add this ChangeLog
+* First publicly available release, based on MARC decoding algorithm from
+the php-marc package with a completely new API and class hierarchy

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