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* HTML_AJAX_Server with a register itnerceptor class
* The server responds to ajax calls and also serves the js client libraries, so they can be used directly from the PEAR data dir
* 304 not modified headers are used when server client libraries so they will be cached on the browser reducing overhead
* @category HTML
* @package AJAX
* @author Joshua Eichorn <>
* @copyright 2007 Joshua Eichorn
* @license LGPL
* @version Release: @package_version@
* @link
// include the server class
include 'HTML/AJAX/Server.php';
// include the test class will be registering
include 'support/test.class.php';
include 'support/test2.class.php';
include 'support/interceptor.php';
// create our new server
$server = new HTML_AJAX_Server();
// register an instance of the class were registering
$test = new test();
$test2 = new test2();
$server->ajax->packJavaScript = true;
$server->ajax->setInterceptor(new Interceptor());
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