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-------------------------Release 1.0--------------------------
2003-11-15 Laurent Laville <>
* fixes compatibility with PHP 4.1.0 and
HTML_Progress_DM::getPercentComplete() method.
2003-11-14 Laurent Laville <>
* adds HTML_Progress::getScript() method for easy JS grab
2003-11-13 Laurent Laville <>
* fixes PEAR-BUG#233
adds new HTML_Progress::getScript() method
2003-11-12 Laurent Laville <>
* phpDocumentor-tutorial completed
2003-11-06 Laurent Laville <>
* publish Release Candidate 2
2003-11-04 Laurent Laville <>
* optimize internal JavaScript code. See getScript() method
* separate each shape generation into toHtml() method
2003-10-30 Laurent Laville <>
* publish Release Candidate 1
2003-10-28 Laurent Laville <>
* Rewrites all API, and adds new features.
* adds pre-set UI models into ProgressMaker tools.
* adds ProgressMonitor, an easy way to display progress
in a dialog box. The user can cancel the task.
* CSS id and class selectors are customizable.
* adds ProgressObserver for watching progress bar activity
and taking actions on exceptional events.
-------------------------Release 0.6.2------------------------
2003-09-24 Laurent Laville <>
* adds example1f to use two progressbar with iframes solution
2003-09-22 Laurent Laville <>
* fixes PEAR-BUG#28
* fixes PEAR-BUG#29
* examples progress3r[1-2] works now with IE4 and NS4
* adds example1p to show how to use new parameter
in setPage() method
-------------------------Release 0.6.1------------------------
2003-09-09 Laurent Laville <>
* fixes javascript errors with IE4 and NS4 browsers
Thanks to Christian Wenz
* include now ProgressMaker, a dynamic tools to build
and test all functionalities
-------------------------Release 0.6.0------------------------
2003-08-28 Laurent Laville <>
* Latest optimization on CSS generated
2003-08-27 Laurent Laville <>
* Tutorial has been upgraded accordinglty
with new features and examples.
2003-08-26 Laurent Laville <>
* Add new feature: API setCell to customize cell-display
2003-08-25 Laurent Laville <>
* Progress bar will now take by default the optimized
size (height, width).
2003-08-23 Laurent Laville <>
* More attributes on setText API that allows to have
a separate zone for percent text info of progress bar.
The text may be attach on each sides of progress bar
and not only on right side as in previous version.
* Add new feature: API setMessage, setMessageLine
to provides display message on each step of progress
2003-08-20 Laurent Laville <>
* all bar element size are now exclusively in pixel;
suppress suffix 'px' on attributes values
2003-08-19 Laurent Laville <>
* Rewrite code with suggestions of Stefan Neufeind
and Greg Beaver
-------------------------Release 0.5.0------------------------
2003-08-06 Laurent Laville <>
* New tutorial/howto is available in bundle distribution
and online at URL
2003-08-05 Laurent Laville <>
* 2 news subclasses to create horizontal and vertical
loading bar (on a idea of Arnaud Limbourg).
* JavaScript code is now embedded into core HTML_Progress class
Thanks to Yavor Shahpasov for his comment.
-------------------------Release 0.4.2------------------------
2003-08-01 Laurent Laville <>
* First public release on PEAR website.
-------------------------Release 0.4.1------------------------
2003-07-24 Laurent Laville <>
* notice errors is fixed in display method
Thanks to Davey Shafik.
-------------------------Release 0.4--------------------------
2003-07-23 Laurent Laville <>
* first stable release of package.
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