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HTML_Progress Version 1.0
Laurent Laville <>
I would like to announce the release of HTML_Progress 1.0
This release assume to be the final stable version, and all known bugs fixed.
HTML_Progress 1.0 requires PHP version 4.1.0 and PEAR 1.2 or greater.
There are also some mandatory dependencies with others PEAR packages :
- HTML_Common 1.2 or greater
There are also some optional dependencies with others PEAR packages :
- HTML_QuickForm 3.1.1 or greater
- HTML_QuickForm_Controller 0.9.3 or greater
- HTML_CSS 0.2.0 or greater
- HTML_Page 2.0.0RC2 or greater
- Config 1.9 or better
- PHPUnit 0.6.2
A full listing of all closed bugs and feature requests can be found in the
next section of the notes
HTML_Progress 1.0 is ready for production, download it and try
the most advanced solution for PHP loading bar.
Bugs found on version 0.6.0
- fixes javascript errors with IE4 and NS4 browsers (Thanks to Christian Wenz)
Bugs found on version 0.6.2
- fixes PEAR-BUG#28
- fixes PEAR-BUG#29
- fixes JavaScript into progress3.js to works with IE4 and NS4
Changes in version 0.6.1
- add ProgressMaker a dynamic tools to build and test all functionalities
Changes in version 0.6.2
- ProgressMaker got a new skin, and allows to keep previous settings
- Allows use of iframes solution to display 2 progress bar on same page
Changes in version 1.0
- Errors are managed by Error_Raise package (by Greg Beaver).
- ProgressMaker got some pre-sets UI models as example.
- better compatibility with older PHP versions; requires PHP 4.1.0 or better.
- HTML_Page package is now only necessary for some examples.
- HTML_CSS package is optional. Easy way to generate a progress stylesheet.
- CSS id and class selectors are customizable.
- phpUnits test were added for API.
Feature additions in version 1.0
- HTML_Progress now implements a Observer design pattern. It is possible to add Listeners.
- HTML_Progress now adds a customizable UI monitor pattern to display a progress bar.
User-end can abort progress at any time.
- Look and feel can be sets by internal API or an external config file.
- Allows many progress bar on same page without uses of iframe solution.
The documentation has been updated for this release you can view it at
or in the distribution in the docs directory
The changelog is available in the tarball, or online at
You can download the newest version from webpages
Enjoy !
-Laurent Laville <>
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