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Installation for HTML_Progress is as simple as any other PEAR classes.
Just enter on command line:  pear install (tarball)
where (tarball) is an archive file like  HTML_Progress-1.2.0.tgz
If you need more detailed help, check out INSTALL

Release Notes

Release notes for the newest version are in Release-1.2.0

1.2.0 is out, a stable release

To learn how to do, read online APIdoc and tutorials in many formats at

If you find a bug please send me a mail with subject HTML_Progress at:
Or put a new entry on PEAR BugTracker at :[]=HTML_Progress

General Notes
HTML_Progress is hosted at, with downloads and 
online documentation

Project page:

HTML_Progress 1.2.0 is released under the PHP License version 3.0, text is in

Feature Notes

HTML_Progress is a PEAR class that provides a way to add a loading bar 
fully customizable in existing XHTML documents. Your browser should accept DHTML feature.

Features since version 0.5.0
  - allows usage of an existing stylesheet for colors and size model
  - all colors and size elements are customizable
  - show or hide text percent information
  - set/add and returns value of current status of progress
  - compliant with all CSS/XHMTL standards
  - integration with template engine ITx family is possible
  - create horizontal and also vertival bar

Features since version 0.6.0
  - optional message line come with progress status.
  - percent text info is now floating all around the progress bar
  - scale can be change (default is 100)
  - legend of percent text info can be change (default is "%")
  - progress bar will now take by default the optimized size (height, width)
  - define font-size and color of each cell with new API setCell

Improvement since version 0.6.1
  - ProgressMaker is a dynamic tools to build and test all functionalities

Improvement since version 0.6.2
  - ProgressMaker got a new skin, and allows to keep previous settings
  - Allows use of iframes solution to display 2 progress bar on same page

Features since version 1.0
  - create horizontal and also vertival bar
  - allows usage of an existing external StyleSheet and/or JavaScript 
  - all elements (progress, cells, string) are customizable by their html properties
  - percent/string is floating all around the progress bar
  - compliant with all CSS/XHMTL standards
  - integration with template engine IT[x] family is possible
  - HTML_Progress now implements a Observer design pattern. It is possible to add Listeners.
  - HTML_Progress now adds a customizable UI monitor pattern to display a progress bar. 
    User-end can abort progress at any time.
  - Look and feel can be sets by internal API or an external config file.
  - Allows many progress bar on same page without uses of iframe solution. 

Features since version 1.1
  - HTML_Progress_Generator replaced previous ProgressMaker
  - Implements a file upload solution trough a ftp connection called HTML_Progress_Uploader

Improvement since version 1.1
  - HTML_Progress (Monitor, Generator, Uploader) support now the QF renderer system
Features since version 1.2.0
  - new shapes (square, rectangle, polygonal, circle, ellipse)
  - new api error methods management (hasError, getError)

Improvement since version 1.2.0
  - HTML_Progress_Uploader was removed from package 
  - Error_Raise was replaced by a clone of PEAR_ErrorStack
  - HTML_Progress_Model was removed from package 

If something is missing from this list make sure to file a feature request 
at my mail address <>

Thanks to Klaus Guenther, author of great PEAR classes HTML_Page and HTML_CSS
Thanks to Hans Lellelid to help me to find a config problem on HTML_Progress
Thanks to Davey Shafik to help me to see problems on notice errors
Thanks to Arnaud Limbourg to give me idea (Horz./Vert bars) to improve this package
Thanks to Greg Beaver for warning about Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated
Thanks to Stefan Neufeind for his enhancement-proposal to keep compatibility with Opera6
Thanks to Christian Wenz to help me to fix javascript errors on IE4 and NS4 browsers
Thanks to Olivier Hondermarck to help me to fix a progress circle css problem (
Thanks to Juan Camilo who allow me to learn SOAP
Thanks to Marlon Brandao who help me to debug my http file upload form examples
Thanks to Gregory Beaver for his works on PEAR_ErrorStack who inspired me on the final error handling system

Special Thanks to Rasmus Lerdorf, without him PHP and all this universe won't be! 
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