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2008-07-24 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.4.1 released.
- fix a minor bug fix (parser error) for HTML_Progress2_Generator users (if any)
2008-04-24 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.4.0 released.
- Drop support of PHP4 patch for HTML_Progress2_Upload
- add 3 more formats pattern to display upload information
- fix lot of CS recommanded by PHP_CodeSniffer 1.0.1
2007-06-12 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.3.0 released.
- No code changes since Release Candidate 1
2007-02-12 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: first release candidate (beta) 2.3.0RC1 released.
- simple AJAX progress bar ; see Request #3985
- file upload support for PHP4/5 with AFLAX (the AJAX for Adobe Flash Platform 8 or greater)
- file upload support with HTML_AJAX and multiple backend
(PHP5 and APC, PHP5 and uploadprogress extension, PHP 4 patch)
2007-02-02 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: second alpha version (alpha) 2.3.0a3 released.
- HTML_Progress2::toArray() return now FALSE when we use default standard JS backend
rather than its content, and if defined by HTML_Progress2::setScript() function,
the url of alternate script.
- HTML_Progress2::toArray() return now settings on AJAX client/server
- improve multi-label system and allow more free combination
- add phpdoc tags for AJAX support introduced with 2.3.0a2
- add support of AFLAX and upload file
2007-01-23 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: second alpha version (alpha) 2.3.0a2 released.
- clean-up old implementation of AJAX progress bar; used now package HTML_AJAX
- Javascript function calls used now OOP notation
- Javascript code PB handler is now externalized into file HTML_Progress2.js
- new method setupAJAX()
- new implementation of method registerAJAX() (renamed too)
- getScript() has an optional 2nd parameter to support custom configuration
2007-01-17 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: first alpha version (alpha) 2.3.0a1 released.
- drop support of cell id mask identifier (begin private)
style should be apply only by cell classname attribute
- a progress bar widget (div) is now identified only by {see HTML_Progress2::getIdent()}
rather than "tfrm" + {HTML_Progress2::getIdent()}
- Default progress bar identifier (without prefix "tfrm") cannot be numeric (xhtml compliant)
- Improve Javascript function setProgress() which does not need anymore the third parameter.
- Improve Javascript function call to setElementStyle() and removed unecessary arguments
TIP: this function allow to build smooth progress bar (without cell: HTML_Progress2::setCellCount(0)
- fix typo error (millisecond term) in phpdoc tags
- add new methods : registerAjax(), and fileExists()
- add a mini guide HOWTO_AJAX.txt for users of alpha 2.3.0 releases
2007-01-03 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.2.0 released.
- add new function importStyle() to give ability to import an existing stylesheet
and separate PHP code from HTML layout (with CSS)
- improved javascript custom handler for JavaDanse example
related to version 2.1.1 (bug fixed #8684)
- Copyright bumped to 2007
- Include a new fresh version of User Guide (TDG) that cover all versions 2.x.x
2006-12-22 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.1.1 released.
- used now :
"className" property rather than "visibility"
reduced div tags count used to build a progress bar (only 10 rather than 20 )
- apply more CS (space code indent, ...)
- add "alt" attribute to img html-tag to be more xhtml compliant
- JS function "hideProgress" lose its second parameter (no more needed)
2006-12-20 Laurent Laville <>
- fixed bug #8684 : Problem with generated JavaScript
- fixed "examples/generatorcus.php" to use new architecture with
external stylesheet introduced on August 11, 2006.
2006-08-12 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.1.0 released.
- The Definitive Guide has a new FAQ up-to-date, new examples (see
Appendixes section) and finally a guide for HTML_Progress2_Generator
2006-08-11 Laurent Laville <>
- HTMLPage2, ITDynamic, and SmartyDynamic renderers for Progress2 Generator
used now the new architecture with external stylesheet.
2006-08-10 Laurent Laville <>
- fix value return by apiVersion()
- progress meter use now its own event dispatcher (called "ProgressMeter")
2006-08-09 Laurent Laville <>
- Rewrites of HTML_Progress2 Generator class on PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend controller pattern
This essentially allow to improve presentation layout with stylesheet,
and give more power to add a new action or page at runtime.
- All remaining code (css class selector still in default renderer was moved
to external CSS file: 'default.css')
- new methods get and set StyleSheet into default QF renderer (Generator/Default.php)
2006-07-22 Laurent Laville <>
- fixes Bug #8265 : HTML_Page2 wrong dependency
- removed dupplicates entries in package xml 1.0
2006-06-04 Laurent Laville <>
- fixes typo error on removeListener() function
from HTML_Progress2 and HTML_Progress2_Monitor classes
- updates copyright (begin) date
- addListener() and removeListener() signatures changed.
Adds notification name serves as a filter
2006-05-24 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.0.1 released.
- fixes closing html style tag to avoid javascript error.
- fixes Bug #7437 : wrong text in Doc
(thanks to Stefan Valouch for reading it carefully)
- The Definitive Guide revision number will now follow the package release version.
2006-05-16 Laurent Laville <>
* updates headers comment block for quality assurance :
- add @since phpdoc tag
- upgrade license from PHP 3.0 to 3.01
- upgrade copyright until 2006
2006-05-15 Laurent Laville <>
* PEAR::PHP_Compat package begin optional dependency (only required for PHP4)
2005-10-01 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Final version (stable) 2.0.0 released.
2005-09-22 Laurent Laville <>
For HTML_Progress2 class only :
* standardized observer notify interface
with onSubmit and onLoad events.
For HTML_Progress2_Monitor class only :
* updates headers comment block (package and methods)
* fixes problem with onCancel notification
* standardized notification interface
2005-09-20 Laurent Laville <>
* auto-size progress meter attribute was removed
* active cell, and background progress meter support now
background-image, background-repeat, background-position attributes
2005-09-14 Laurent Laville <>
* bugs fixes:
setBorderPainted(false) inefficient with setBorderAttributes()
and a positive width attribute value. Always show a border
arround the progress bar.
2005-09-13 Laurent Laville <>
* follows w3 / css standard (in Progress2.php):
- frame border attribute is renamed to border-width
- all labels background-color attribute have default transparent value rather than empty
* updates Progress2.php and Progress2_Lite.php headers comment block
* updates Progress2.php API comment blocks:
following pattern -> summary + long description
2005-09-02 Laurent Laville <>
* Fixed bug in moveNext() method: avoid exceed max limit
2005-08-25 Laurent Laville <>
For HTML_Progress2_Lite class only :
* frame attribute border renamed to border-width
to keep a unified attribute names (follow CSS standard)
* add font-style attribute for all label categories
(allow to use italic for percent and text labels)
* background-color has transparent rather than null string
by default (CSS standard)
* fixed my first bug in setLabelAttributes method
related to font group attributes
2005-08-18 Laurent Laville <>
* Added @example tag to have ability to display (highlight) source code
* Added @link tag to have ability to display a screenshot (PNG image)
* Removed @tutorial tag on Monitor.php and Progress2.php files
to prepare "The Definitive Guide" documentation
* Added @ignore tag on all unit testcases and some examples
to prevent includes in API docs
* Added ChangeLog, and NEWS files
2005-08-01 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Version 2.0.0RC2 released.
2005-06-23 Laurent Laville <>
* VERSION: Version 2.0.0RC1 released.
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