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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE package SYSTEM "">
<package version="1.0">
<summary>Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results</summary>
The HTTP_Client class wraps around HTTP_Request and provides a higher level interface
for performing multiple HTTP requests.
* Manages cookies and referrers between requests
* Handles HTTP redirection
* Has methods to set default headers and request parameters
* Implements the Subject-Observer design pattern: the base class sends
events to listeners that do the response processing.
<license>PHP License</license>
<name>Alexey Borzov</name>
Since no problems were discovered with release 1.0.0beta1, the same code
is now re-released with &quot;stable&quot; status.
<dir name="/" baseinstalldir="HTTP">
<file role="php" name="Client.php"/>
<dir name="Client">
<file role="php" name="CookieManager.php"/>
<dir name="examples">
<file role="doc" name="link-checker.php"/>
<dep type="pkg" rel="ge" version="1.2">HTTP_Request</dep>
* REMOVED deprecated HTTP_Client_Listener
* Applied patch from #1151, cookies with empty values are now deleted
* Added method enableHistory() allowing to enable/disable saving of history,
suggested by Matthew Feinberg
* Depend on most recent version of HTTP_Request
- HTTP_Client_Listener is deprecated in favor of HTTP_Request_Listener
- Added possibilty to attach Listeners to created HTTP_Request objects
- Added support for file uploads in post() method
* Better handling of secure cookies (thanks to Denis Malinovsky)
* Added setMaxRedirects() method
Initial PEAR release
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