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<summary>Logging utilities</summary>
The Log framework provides an abstracted logging system. It supports logging to console, file, syslog, SQL, mail, and mcal targets. It also provides a subject - observer mechanism.
<license>PHP 2.02</license>
<name>Jon Parise</name>
- Altered the format of the SQL logging table to use a TIMESTAMP field.
- The Log class now extends the PEAR base class.
- New file logger that keeps the log file open for the life of the request.
<dir name="/">
<file role="php">Log.php</file>
<dir name="Log">
<file role="php">composite.php</file>
<file role="php">console.php</file>
<file role="php">file.php</file>
<file role="php">mail.php</file>
<file role="php">mcal.php</file>
<file role="php">observer.php</file>
<file role="php">sql.php</file>
<file role="php">syslog.php</file>
Adding a mail logging target.
Introduce the PEAR_LOG_* constants.
Adding a new console logging target.
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