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19bad36 moved roadmap into seperate todo file
Lukas Smith authored
1 Release 1.2
2 - improve Oracle and Frontbase driver
3 - add Informix and Firebird/Interbase driver
5 Sometime (in no particular order)
6 - Restructure the manager
7 - Change dumpDatabase to use seperate methods to write xml schemas
8 - Seperate xml reverse engineering from the other methods
9 - Rewrite parser to create database while reading to be able to handle large xml files
10 - Add missing features to the manager needed for the MDB_frontend/GTK_MDB_Designer project
11 - Allow creating of SQL query only
12 - Add ability to dump just one table
13 - Improve reservse engineering of existing DB's to xml schema files
14 - Add ability to snyc two databases (structure and/or content)
15 - Improve handling of optional datatypes in the xml reverse engineering code
16 - Extend the bulk fetching methods to be able to handle LOB's
17 - Write Docbook documentation
18 - Store the contents of LOB fields into seperate files when dumping
19 - SQL Funtion Abstraction (for example SUBSTRING() and SUBSTR())
0117376 minor clarification
Lukas Smith authored
20 - Different modes: portability, performance (there certain RDBMS specfic features
21 might also be exposed like "auto_increment" etc.)
19bad36 moved roadmap into seperate todo file
Lukas Smith authored
22 - Add optional unbuffered query mode
3f2eb2f some minor updates
Lukas Smith authored
23 - Add EXPLAIN method
24 - Add call to EXPLAIN method to the default debug output handler
0e10af0 mysql and pgsql driver need native datatype update
Lukas Smith authored
25 - make the MySQL and PostGreSQL driver make use of the more advanced numeric datatypes
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