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require_once 'PEAR/PackageFileManager/Cvs.php';
$pkg = new PEAR_PackageFileManager;
$packagedir = dirname(__FILE__);
$self = basename(__FILE__);
$summary = <<<EOT
Library to create MP3 playlists on the fly, several formats supported including XML, RSS and XHTML
$desc = <<<EOT
MP3_Playlist is a php library to facilitate the creation and to some
extend the rendering of MP3 playlists. It scans a local folder with
all the MP3 files and outputs the playlist in several formats
including M3U, SMIL, XML, XHTML with the possibility to backup the
lists on the fly with an SQLite DB.
$notes = <<<EOT
* Fixed bug #8369: Send does not take care of filename parameter
* Minor fixed on MP3_Playlist class.
* Minor fixed on examples
* Added test files
$options = array(
'simpleoutput' => true,
'package' => 'MP3_Playlist',
'license' => 'PHP License',
'baseinstalldir' => '',
'version' => '0.5.1alpha1',
'packagedirectory' => $packagedir,
'pathtopackagefile' => $packagedir,
'state' => 'alpha',
'filelistgenerator' => 'Cvs',
'notes' => $notes,
'summary' => $summary,
'description' => str_replace("\n", '', $desc),
'dir_roles' => array(
'docs' => 'doc',
'data' => 'data',
'tests' => 'test'
'ignore' => array(
$e = $pkg->setOptions($options);
if (PEAR::isError($e)) {
echo $e->getMessage();
// hack until they get their shit in line with docroot role
$pkg->addRole('tpl', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('png', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('gif', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('jpg', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('css', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('js', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('ini', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('inc', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('afm', 'php');
$pkg->addRole('pkg', 'doc');
$pkg->addRole('cls', 'doc');
$pkg->addRole('proc', 'doc');
$pkg->addRole('txt', 'doc');
$pkg->addRole('sh', 'script');
$pkg->addMaintainer('gurugeek', 'lead', 'David Costa', '');
$pkg->addMaintainer('firman', 'lead', 'Firman Wandayandi', '');
$pkg->addDependency('PHP', '5.0.0', 'ge', 'php');
$pkg->addDependency('PEAR', '1.3.0', 'ge', 'pkg');
$pkg->addDependency('Net_URL', '1.0.14', 'ge', 'pkg');
$pkg->addDependency('MP3_Id', '1.1.4', 'ge', 'pkg');
$e = $pkg->addGlobalReplacement('package-info', '@package_version@', 'version');
$e = $pkg->writePackageFile();
if (PEAR::isError($e)) {
echo $e->getMessage();