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The NetGeo server is provided by CAIDA ( If you are concerned with
with anything to do with using the NetGeo server, please check their website
localizer is available from
Even though the NetGeo server will process domain names I find that success is
sporadic. Using IP addresses or AS numbers will work everytime.
2006-03-16 Darren Ehlers <>
* - Added support for the HostIP service, which still retaining the same
* existing functionality (by default). To use the HostIP service, simply
* add the setService() call as in the following example:
* > $geo = new Net_Geo();
* > $geo->setService('hostip');
* > $geo->getRecord("");
* - Fixed a number of minor bugs, specifically related to providing
* alternate URLs.
* - Fixed code to allow changing the current service via the setService call,
* without having to create a new object.
* - Added RAWDATA result array item which contains the complete returned
* array data. The rest of the result array for the HostIP service is
* setup to match the existing CAIDA result array.