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* Fixed bug #20435: Missing files in PEAR archive [kouber]
* Fixed French plural handling for "million" and suffixes above [Olivier Brunel]
* Fixed bug #19453: Incorrect spelling of Hungarian numbers [kouber]
* Fixed bug #19543: Better handling of decimal mark and thousands separators [kouber]
* Fixed bug #19855: Do not emit E_NOTICE when calling toWords() statically [cweiske]
* Fixed pl unicode [Jakub Roszkiewicz]
* Fixed ru_RU currency codes [Vital Leshchyk]
* Fixed tr_TR unicode [Shahriyar Imanov]
* Added en_IN - Indian English [Abhinav Nayak]
* Added lv - Latvian [Andrius]
* Added ro_RO - Romanian [Bogdan Stancescu]
* Added ua - Ukrainian [Vital Leshchyk]
* Unify locale loading code [cweiske]
* Use PEAR class-to-filename convention [cweiske]
* Changed class names and locations of locale files
* Drop PHP 4
* Drop PEAR dependency
* Misc fixes and cleanup in Turkish driver
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.16.4 released.
* Re-licensed to PHP 3.01 (ifeghali)
* Bug #12512 Windows incorrect declaration of toWords() (ifeghali)
* Bug #17373 bug in toWords function for hungarian translation (kouber)
* Bug #17392 bugs in toWords function for hungarian translation (ifeghali)
* Bug #17754 Patch: Using explode instead of split (ifeghali)
* Request #17763 Independent tr_TR Lang support (ifeghali)
* Bug #17794 Patch: avoiding split in es_MX file (ifeghali)
* Bug #18501 incorrect declaration of toWords() in (kouber)
* Bug #19013 remove error_reporting (for PEAR QA team) (ifeghali)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.16.2 released.
* Words.php: incorrect rounding of cents (Bug #16733).
* Words/ improper use of substr() in Polish extension (Bug #16435).
* Words/lang.hu_HU.php: wrong spelling of 40 in Hungarian extension (Bug #16667) (Vlajos).
* tests/AllTests.php: switch to TextUI/TestRunner.php framework (Daniel O'Connor).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.16.1 released.
* Words.php: better cast/sanitize to int.
* Words/lang.it_IT.php: fixed incorrect trimming of vowels (Bug #16019) (Filippo Beltramini).
* tests/ItalianTest.php: incorrect trimming, reveling Bug #16019 (Lorenzo Alberton).
* tests/*: fix line endings.
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.16.0 released.
* Words.php: fixed wrong getLocales() Docblock bug (#10744) (Daniel O'Connor).
* Words.php: fixed bogus non-int parsing (#14988) (Daniel O'Connor).
* Words/lang.cs.php: fixed bad trascription for 101 numbers and 102 thousands bug (#14667) (Daniel O'Connor).
* Words/lang.fr_BE.php: fixed a bug involving incorrect values for 80 and 81 (Kouber Saparev).
* Words/lang.pt_BR.php: bug fix (#15260) (Igor Feghali).
* tests/*: Swap to PHPUnit 3 (Daniel O'Connor).
* Numerous language unit tests added (bg, en_100, en_gb, en_us, fr, fr_BE, de, it, pt_BR).
* Fix numerous coding standard issues (bug #15145).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.15.0 released.
* Words/ New language file: nl for Dutch (Thanks to WHAM van Dinter)
* Words/ changed locale name for Estonian language from 'ee' to 'et' (#5618).
* Words/ fixed bug in Russian translation (if x modulo 10 was equal to 0) (#6654).
* Words.php: new Numbers_Words::getLocales() method (Thanks to Bertrand Gugger).
* tests/test-numbers-words.php: updated to use getLocales().
* package.xml: updated to version 2.0.
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.14.0 released.
* Words/lang.*.php: added $convert_fraction optional argument that allow to not convert fraction part in toCurrencyWorkds() method.
* Words/lang.en_GB.php: fixed plural of pence; toCurrency() method added.
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.13.1 released.
* Words.php: Fixed a problem with no leading zero in fraction of the currency value (reported by geekdom at gmail dot com).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.13.0 released.
* support for a new currency ILS (or NIS) for New Israeli Sheqel
* Words/lang.cs.php: New language file: cs for Czech (Thanks to Petr 'PePa' Pavel)
* Words/lang.he.php: New language file: he for Hebrew (Thanks to Hadar Porat)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.12.0 released.
* Words/lang.fr_BE.php: New language file: fr_BE for French (Belgium) (Thanks to Philippe Bajoit).
* Fixed spell mistake in some files - Britich to British (Thanks to Christian Weiske)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.11.0 released.
* Words/lang.pt_BR.php: toCurrencyWords() support in pt_BR translation (Thanks to Mario H.C.T).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.10.1 released.
* Words/ Small bug fix to German translation (the one thousand) (Thanks to neuner at futureweb dot at for the fix).
* tests/test-numbers-words.php: Changed test number.
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.10.0 released.
* Words/ New language file: dk for Danish (Author: Jesper Veggerby)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.9.0 released.
* Words/lang.hu_HU.php: New language file: hu_HU for Hungarian (Author: Nils Homp)
* Words/ Updating author list of the Indonesian translation (Arif Rifai Dwiyanto translated
into Indonesian first but I missed his file by mistake).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.8.1 released.
* Words/ fixed two bugs (missing t in 400, and wrong function call) in Russian translation (thanks
to Anton Funk and igorag for reporting, and Andrey Demenev for fixing)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.8 released.
* Words/ New file for Lithuanian language.
* Words.php: Fixed a class method finding (should work for PHP5 and PHP4 now)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.7.1 released.
* Words.php: Small fix for PHP 5 support (toWords instead of towords) (Thanks to khlo for bug report).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.7 released.
* Words/, Words/ small fix of minus sign (Kouber Saparev)
* Words/ New language file: sv for Swedish (Author: Robin Ericsson)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.6 released.
* Words/ New language file: ru for Russian (Author: Andrey Demenev)
* Words/ New language file: id for Indonesian (Author: Ernas M. Jamil)
* Words/lang.es_AR.php: New language file: es_AR for Argentinian Spanish (Author: Martin Marrese)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.5.1 release.
* Words/ Small fix to French translation.
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.5 release.
* Words/lang.en_US.php: toCurrency() method for spelling given amount of money.
* Words/ New language file: fr for French (Author: Kouber Saparev)
* Words/ New language file: bg for Bulgarian (Author: Kouber Saparev)
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.4 release.
* Words.php: eliminate PEAR.php run-time loading
* all files: comments small changes to be more usable for phpdoc
* Words/lang.it_IT.php: New language file: it_IT for Italian (Authors:
Filippo Beltramini, Davide Caironi)
* Words.php, Words/ toCurrency() method for spelling given amount of money.
* Words/ New language file: ee for Estonian (Author: Erkki Saarniit)
* Words/ extranous spaces deleted.
* Words.php: trim output, new function for converting currency.
* tests: new test suite (PHPUnits).
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.3.1 release.
* Words/lang.pt_BR.php: fixing spell mistake for native language name
* Numbers_Words: Version 0.3 release (first PEAR release).
* Words/ New language file: es for Spanish (Author: Xavier Noguer)
* Words/ New language file: de for German (Author: Piotr Klaban)
* Words/lang.pt_BR.php: New language file: pt_BR for Brazilian
Portuguese (Author: Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>)
* all files: PHP License upgrade to 3.0
* test-numbers-words.php: HTML and text mode enabled
* Words/lang.*.php: New $lang_native, $locale variables.
* test-numbers-words.php: New language file, en_100 uses Donald Knuth number spelling system.
* package.xml: New version 0.2 released.
* Words/lang.en_100.php: New language file, en_100 uses Donald Knuth number spelling system.
* Words/lang.pt_BR.php: New language file, pt_BR for Brazilian Portuguese (Thanks to Marcelo Subtil Marcal).
2002-11-18 14:00
* Words/lang.*.php: Bad conversion of zero number fixed (Thanks to Xavier Noguer).
2002-11-18 10:00
* all files: Changing name from Numbers_Spell to Numbers_Words
2002-11-15 15:04 makler
* package.xml, Spell.php: Changing file location
2002-11-15 14:47 makler
* package.xml: CVS initialization.