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4b3f7cd @dshafik 'PEAR_Info 1.0.3-Dev package.xml'
dshafik authored
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
2 <!DOCTYPE package SYSTEM "../package.dtd">
3 <package version="1.0">
4 <name>PEAR_Info</name>
5 <summary>Show Information about your PEAR install and its packages</summary>
6 <description>
7 This package generates a comprehensive information page for your current PEAR install.
8 The format for the page is similar to that for phpinfo() except using PEAR colors.
9 Has complete PEAR Credits (based on the packages you have installed).
10 Will show if there is a newer version than the one presently installed (and what it's state is)
11 Each package has an anchor in the form pkg_PackageName - where PackageName is a case-sensitive PEAR package name
12 </description>
14 <license>PHP License</license>
16 <maintainers>
17 <maintainer>
18 <user>Davey</user>
19 <name>Davey Shafik</name>
11561eb @dshafik 'e-mail address update'
dshafik authored
20 <email></email>
4b3f7cd @dshafik 'PEAR_Info 1.0.3-Dev package.xml'
dshafik authored
21 <role>lead</role>
22 </maintainer>
23 </maintainers>
25 <release>
f9ef811 @dshafik 'changed version from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3, and date.'
dshafik authored
26 <version>1.0.3</version>
27 <date>2003-05-04</date>
4b3f7cd @dshafik 'PEAR_Info 1.0.3-Dev package.xml'
dshafik authored
28 <state>stable</state>
29 <notes>
30 Moved output of the PEAR_Info to PEAR_Info::show to allow for extensibility for different (CLI at least) output in the future
31 </notes>
32 <filelist>
33 <dir name="/" baseinstalldir="PEAR">
34 <file role="php">Info.php</file>
35 </dir>
36 </filelist>
37 </release>
d026e2d @dshafik 'Added dependency for PHP >= 4.1.0'
dshafik authored
38 <deps>
39 <dep type="php" rel="ge">4.1.0</dep>
40 </deps>
4b3f7cd @dshafik 'PEAR_Info 1.0.3-Dev package.xml'
dshafik authored
41 <changelog>
42 <release>
43 <version>1.0</version>
44 <date>2003-04-22</date>
45 <state>stable</state>
46 <notes>
47 This is the first release, all suggestions for improvements welcome.
48 </notes>
49 </release>
50 </changelog>
51 </package>
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