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Roadmaps for future releases can be found
on the PEAR website area for PhpDocumentor,

Remember, roadmaps are always "works-in-progress", so
any input you would like to provide to the direction
of PhpDocumentor is always appreciated. Channels for
providing such feedback include:
- Bug Tracker[]=PhpDocumentor&status=Open&cmd=display
  You can open bugs, enhancement requests, and documentation updates
  specific to PhpDocumentor's own online manual.
- Sourceforge Mailing List for Developers
  You can communicate specifically with the PhpDocumentor developers
  on this mailing list.
- PEAR Mailing List for Developers
  This mailing list covers developers for ALL the PEAR packages,
  not just PhpDocumentor, so use it as a last resort for
  reaching the PhpDocumentor developers.
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