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* This is a data type that is used in SOAP Interop testing, but is here as an
* example of using complex types. When the class is deserialized from a SOAP
* message, it's constructor IS NOT CALLED! So your type classes need to
* behave in a way that will work with that.
* Some types may need more explicit serialization for SOAP. The __to_soap
* function allows you to be very explicit in building the SOAP_Value
* structures. The soap library does not call this directly, you would call
* it from your soap server class, echoStruct in the server class is an
* example of doing this.
* @category Web Services
* @package SOAP
class SOAPStruct
var $varString;
var $varInt;
var $varFloat;
function SOAPStruct($s = null, $i = null, $f = null)
$this->varString = $s;
$this->varInt = $i;
$this->varFloat = $f;
function &__to_soap($name = 'inputStruct', $header = false,
$mustUnderstand = 0,
$actor = '')
$inner = array(
new SOAP_Value('varString', 'string', $this->varString),
new SOAP_Value('varInt', 'int', $this->varInt),
new SOAP_Value('varFloat', 'float', $this->varFloat));
if ($header) {
$value = new SOAP_Header($name,
} else {
$value = new SOAP_Value($name,
return $value;
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