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Jan Schneider
Jan Schneider committed Aug 27, 2008
1 parent dcad35d commit a5d8e0c559f39a1436df0be32e2d8d42dd3d7312
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@@ -37,42 +37,18 @@">
- <date>2008-08-04</date>
+ <date>2008-12-31</date>
- <release>0.12.0</release>
+ <release>0.12.1</release>
<license uri="">PHP License</license>
- <notes>* Add support for arbitrary SOAP-ENV and SOAP-ENC alternative namespace prefixes via the static methods SOAP_BASE::SOAPENVPrefix() and SOAP_BASE::SOAPENCPrefix() (Lukas Smith).
-* Add new option soap_encoding (makes it possible to not base64 encode the SOAP message when using MIME encoding) (Lukas Smith).
-* Add new option keep_arrays_flat (makes it possible to simply use the same tag name multiple times when passing in an array in literal mode) (Lukas Smith).
-* Add new option no_type_prefix (supress adding of the namespace prefix) (Lukas Smith).
-* Add support for attributes for file attachments (Lukas Smith).
-* Better propagate options (from the client to all values generated by the client and among special values up to the parent soap value class) (Lukas Smith).
-* Fix decoded arrays missing some values (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson, Paul Schreiber, Gregor Gramlich, Bugs #12099, #12615, 12774).
-* Remove SOAP_Base::__set_type_translation(), deprecated in 0.10.0, use setTypeTranslation() instead.
-* Remove SOAP_Client::__use(), __style(), __trace(), __parse(), __getlastrequest(), __getlastresponse(), and __get_wire() methods, all deprecated in 0.10.0 in favor of setUse(), setStyle(), setTrace(), parseResponse(), getLastRequest(), getLastResponse(), and getWire().
-* Fix missing namespace in serialized array of Structs and Arrays (Bug #1927).
-* SOAP_Fault objects no longer contain backtraces by default.
-* Use "namespace" and "soapAction" options set with SOAP_Client::setOpt().
-* No longer return SOAP faults when trying to detect the type of large hashes.
-* Don't encode message body in base64 if sending MIME encoded attachments (Request #14343).
-* Fix sending attachments over HTTPS (Bug #9538).
-* Fix retrieving WSDL data from file:// URLs (Bug #11729).
-* Add examples for how to use Basic HTTP Authentication (Request #11830).
-* Support one-way-message responses (Request #11220).
-Known major issues:
-* Large nested arrays not deserialized correctly (Bug #1312).
-* dateTime object properties not correctly serialized (Bug #1404).
-* Namespaces with different namespace prefixes not supported (Bug #8086).
-* Deserialization of circular references failing (Bug #12349).
-* Regression: passing user name and password with URL doesn't work (Bug #12977).
+ <notes>* Add support for XML Schema include statements.
+ </notes>
<dir baseinstalldir="SOAP" name="/">
<dir name="example">

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