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This package provides an object-oriented interface to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). This package is based on the 2006-03-01 REST API.


  1. List, create and delete buckets, including buckets with location constraints (European buckets).
  2. Create, read and delete objects including metadata.
  3. List keys in a bucket using an SPL Iterator with support for paging, key prefixes and delimiters.
  4. Manipulate access control lists for buckets and objects.
  5. Specify the request style (virtualhost, cname, path style) and endpoint.
  6. Get signed URLs to allow a trusted third party to access private files.
  7. Access buckets and objects using PHP filesystem functions through a stream wrapper.

Services_Amazon_S3 has been migrated from PEAR SVN.

Bugs and Issues

Please report all new issues via the PEAR bug tracker.

Please submit pull requests for your bug reports!


To test, run either

$ phpunit tests/


$ pear run-tests -r


To build, simply:

$ pear package


To install from scratch:

$ pear install package.xml

To upgrade:

$ pear upgrade -f package.xml