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+# Services_Amazon_S3 #
+This package provides an object-oriented interface to the [Amazon Simple
+Storage Service (S3)]( This package is based on the
+2006-03-01 REST API.
+1. List, create and delete buckets, including buckets with location constraints
+ (European buckets).
+2. Create, read and delete objects including metadata.
+3. List keys in a bucket using an SPL Iterator with support for paging, key
+ prefixes and delimiters.
+4. Manipulate access control lists for buckets and objects.
+5. Specify the request style (virtualhost, cname, path style) and endpoint.
+6. Get signed URLs to allow a trusted third party to access private files.
+7. Access buckets and objects using PHP filesystem functions through a
+ stream wrapper.
+[Services_Amazon_S3]( has been
+migrated from [PEAR SVN](
+## Bugs and Issues ##
+Please report all new issues via the [PEAR bug tracker]([]=Services_Amazon_S3).
+Please submit pull requests for your bug reports!
+## Testing ##
+To test, run either
+$ phpunit tests/
+ or
+$ pear run-tests -r
+## Building ##
+To build, simply
+$ pear package
+## Installing ##
+To install from scratch
+$ pear install package.xml
+To upgrade
+$ pear upgrade -f package.xml

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