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Remove supurfluous AllTests.php (use "pear run-tests -r tests" instea…

…d) (updating package.xml now, forgot to in prior commit).

git-svn-id: c90b9560-bf6c-de11-be94-00142212c4b1
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commit 6e3d2234a2eabe43dd701338515b656b04c6d17b 1 parent 4fc580b
Daniel Convissor authored
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  1. +0 −1  package.xml
1  package.xml
@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ Bug #18487: Recapture has changed ssl certificates
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="ef390bd3471a0894742bec4f66065151" name="Services/ReCaptcha/Base.php" role="php" />
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="4687c632a30e1661023959ca8d43883b" name="Services/ReCaptcha/Exception.php" role="php" />
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="0eba318dbf25524ffc9a51a26d1c7144" name="Services/ReCaptcha/MailHide.php" role="php" />
- <file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="7eae2afd7402148c1d6af5c3e187795f" name="tests/AllTests.php" role="test" />
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="d1e13a5305e5ef06f095404b7255d53e" name="tests/test_errors.phpt" role="test" />
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="864b13f502382546f9cbbb0692a04b2d" name="tests/test_gethtml.phpt" role="test" />
<file baseinstalldir="/" md5sum="11a03ad86667da151a192f15efc49d3c" name="tests/test_mailhide.phpt" role="test" />

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