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Olivier Guilyardi
Olivier Guilyardi committed Jun 15, 2006
1 parent 1d108f9 commit 6ba935c046df9dcda36cee039900bfe0dbd6c83e
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@@ -1,22 +1,13 @@
-pear package-validate package2.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-array.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-csv.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-db.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-dbdataobject.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-dbquery.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-dbtable.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-mdb2.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-rss.xml
-pear package-validate package2-ds-xml.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-console.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-csv.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-htmltable.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-pager.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-smarty.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-xls.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-xml.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-xul.xml
-pear package-validate package2-r-htmlsortform.xml
+for f in package2*.xml; do
+ printf "Checking $f... "
+ if pear package-validate $f > /dev/null; then
+ echo OK
+ else
+ echo FAILED
+ echo ---------------------------
+ pear package-validate $f
+ echo ---------------------------
+ fi

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