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require_once 'XML_Feed_Parser_TestCase.php';
class MalformedFeedTest extends XML_Feed_Parser_TestCase
* Try to work with this ill-formed feed. If the tidy extension is not installed,
* it expects parsing to fail. If tidy is installed and parsing fails, the test
* fails. If tidy is installed and it parses, then the test passes.
function test_Tidy() {
if (!extension_loaded('tidy')) {
$this->markTestSkipped("You need the tidy extension installed to run this test");
$sample_dir = XML_Feed_Parser_TestCase::getSampleDir();
$file = file_get_contents($sample_dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "illformed_atom10.xml");
$feed = new XML_Feed_Parser($file, false, true, true);
$entry = $feed->getEntryByOffset(0);
$this->assertEquals($entry->author, 'Example author (');
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