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* This is the package.xml generator for XML_RPC2
* LICENSE: This source file is subject to version 3.01 of the PHP license
* that is available through the world-wide-web at the following URI:
* If you did not receive a copy of
* the PHP License and are unable to obtain it through the web, please
* send a note to so we can mail you a copy immediately.
* @category XML
* @package XML_RPC2
* @author Sergio Carvalho <>
* @copyright 2005-2007 The PHP Group
* @license PHP License 3.01
* @version CVS: $Id: package.php,v 1.37 2007/11/20 20:04:24 farell Exp $
* @link
* @since File available since Release 1.6.0
require_once 'PEAR/PackageFileManager2.php';
$release_version = '1.1.1';
$release_state = 'stable';
$api_version = '1.0.5';
$api_state = 'stable';
$release_notes = 'QA release
Better usage of HTTP_Request2, allowing the use of pre-configured instances now
Bug #18329 Fatal error in HTTPRequest.php
Bug #18404 PHP Notice about undefined property: XML_RPC2_Server_Input_PhpInput::$readReque
$packagexml = new PEAR_PackageFileManager2();
'packagefile' => 'package.xml',
'exceptions' => array(
'ChangeLog' => 'doc',
'NEWS' => 'doc'),
'filelistgenerator' => 'file',
'packagedirectory' => dirname(__FILE__),
'changelogoldtonew' => false,
'baseinstalldir' => '/',
'simpleoutput' => true,
'dirroles' => array('tests' => 'test'),
'ignore' => array('package.php', '_MTN/', '.svn'),
$packagexml->setSummary('XML-RPC client/server library');
XML_RPC2 is a pear package providing XML_RPC client and server services. XML-RPC is a simple remote procedure call protocol built using HTTP as transport and XML as encoding.
As a client library, XML_RPC2 is capable of creating a proxy class which exposes the methods exported by the server. As a server library, XML_RPC2 is capable of exposing methods from a class or object instance, seamlessly exporting local methods as remotely callable procedures.
$packagexml->addMaintainer('lead', 'sergiosgc', 'Sergio Carvalho', '');
$packagexml->addMaintainer('developer', 'fab', 'Fabien MARTY', '');
$packagexml->addMaintainer('developer', 'instance', 'Alan Langford', '');
$packagexml->addIgnore(array('package.php', '*.tgz'));
$packagexml->addPackageDepWithChannel('required', 'HTTP_Request2', '', '2.0.0');
$packagexml->addPackageDepWithChannel('required', 'Cache_Lite', '', '1.6.0');
$packagexml->setLicense('PHP License 3.02', '');
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