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1 parent df13f06 commit 10c84938b7b9732e6e27a431cdea5ed815b3b0e8 Daniel Allen committed Jun 6, 2002
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@@ -27,13 +27,28 @@ XML_XPath Inteface TODO:
usable in the class
[*] implement getElementsByTagName and getElementById since there are domxml functions
- now
+ now...return as getElementsByTagName as XML_XPath_result objects..getElementById
+ will be a move function
[*] considering doing substringData for attribute nodes...just seems to make sense
[*] in _quick_evaluate_init, make sure the pointer is not null, could happen coming
off of a results object
- [*] it would be better if getChildNodeByName() and getSiblingNodeByName() (not called that
- now, but should be called that) are result object generation functions...this way
- we can seperate the cache from getting mixed up in bad instances...word...
+ [@] functions for result object are now
+ next()
+ rewind()
+ end()
+ nextByNodeName()
+ nextByNodeType()
+ [@] added getNodePath() to get the xpath location of the current node
+ [@] when using next() on XML_XPath_result, it counts the first node the first time, so
+ it moves from off the stage to on the stage the first time, then it moves to the next
+ node after that
+ [@] relative xpath queries
+ [*] fix this stdClass hack we have to do to get the result object to work with non xpath
+ queries (in cases of using dom queries)

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